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Trend Spotting: 2019’s New Dramatic Black Gowns

Posted: 12th July 2017

No longer is black the subtle color option – for 2019, a dark drama is brewing. That means light-reflecting embellishments, ruffles and sheer layers. The season ahead is about all about a Gothic romance.

If you have a Winter ball or formal event coming up, this trend is one of the most flattering and fitting options. Black is a neutral shade that suits everyone, and now it’s an easy way to look fashion-forward too.

Black is famously a classic and sophisticated color choice for any event. When paired with on-trend design, it’s elevated to a whole new level. These statement gowns are attention-grabbing despite their subdued color choice.

They’re refined and sophisticated, but have something fresh to offer. That’s all down to their amazing body-form cut, their original detailing and unique features. We can’t get enough.

We’re looking at our top 5 favorite black ball gowns from the new Fall 2017 collection. These pieces team classic black with details that make a big impact. This creates a formal look that is somehow both timeless and modern.

Ready to see the on-trend dresses you can’t wait to wear?



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The Most Beautiful Velvet Evening Dresses

Posted: 5th July 2017

Velvet – it’s fluid, luxurious, timeless. It’s a fabric that is historically famous for being the most regal of sartorial choices. It’s now currently back in fashion, but with a new fashion-forward spin.

A gorgeous choice for the upcoming Fall season, velvet is a fabric we’ll be seeing a lot more of. It has secured its place in the hearts of fashionistas everywhere. That’s because it has been revamped with fresh design elements to make it new and exciting again.

That comes in way of sleek, modern silhouettes. For evening, pour yourself into a velvet gown in a deep hue to instantly turn heads. It’s an age-old formula that still can’t be beaten.

The velvet dress has long secured its place as a red carpet favorite. Celebrities love the instant Hollywood glam vibe it has. Its texture and natural liquid-like movement ensures it always looks so elegant.

Today, we’re looking at 5 of the most beautiful velvet evening dresses. Just right for prom, a winter dance or another formal special occasion, these gowns are sure to stand out. Not just because of the stunning velvet fabric,



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Top 5 White Summer Cocktail Dresses for 2019

Posted: 23rd June 2017

Nothing says Summer quite like a flattering, fresh white cocktail dress. Prepare to soak up the sun in our top 5 white summer designs. These light and diverse pieces offer you the perfect solution for summer events.

That means if you have a wedding marked in on your calendar, your sartorial solution is here waiting for you. Our choices including lace, embellishments and statement frills. These dresses display the latest in fashion design for 2017.

However, there’s also something that lingers. A sense of classic refinement that means they go beyond the fleeting trends. These make for beautiful ‘Little Black Dress’ alternatives and will always be at the front of your wardrobe.

They range is style dramatically. From crisp minimalism, to boho-inspired beauties, our range caters for all tastes. That also means a mixture of silhouettes to suit your body type, too.

Ready to find your perfect summer dress? These sizzling white styles are waiting for you to put your own finishing twist on the look. We’ll also be offering you some styling secrets to complete these gorgeous designs.

Without further ado, read on to discover our favorite white dresses for summer this year.



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Trend Report: 2019’s Powerful Jumpsuits

Posted: 15th June 2017

Get ready to make an impact this Fall in the season’s hottest jumpsuits. Power dressing has been given an overhaul for the new season. Forget ’80s shoulder pads and think clean lines, bold colors and rich detailing.

No longer do you have to wear a dress for formal events. A jumpsuit is a fashion-forward alternative for parties, special occasions and attending weddings. It’s an original way to stand out and make a big impact as you enter the room.

For Fall 2017, Jovani is empowering women to opt for something different. They’ve created these structured, confident and statement designs. This is the new wave of power dressing that has the fashion world hooked.

Today, we’ve looking at 5 of the best jumpsuits to wear for Fall 2017. These fresh designs will make you look at one-piece ensembles with a new light. They’re red carpet ready – and about to steal the spotlight.


Top 5 Jumpsuits for Fall 2017

Black Long Sleeve Lace and Jersey Jumpsuit 48038

Good design is everything when it comes to jumpsuits. The silhouette must be tailored to perfection to look impeccable when it’s on the wearer.



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Top 5 Gorgeous Gold Evening Gowns

Posted: 8th June 2017

Prepare to be gilded in gold. These gorgeous gold evening gowns are as regal and luxurious as they come. They exude sophistication and demand attention.

Gold dresses are currently trending and as a bonus, they’re endlessly flattering. Gold is a color that suits almost any skin tone, bringing out your skin’s natural highlights. Wearing gold ensures you have a golden glow all over!

These dresses come in a variety of silhouettes, with something for all body types. From the traditional ball gown to form-fitting designs, you’ll find a gold dress to suit you. The options are endless and this is a diverse color that teams up with many styles and themes.

These metallic gold gowns are also fashion-forward. They incorporate cutting edge design, setting them apart in the sphere of formal dressing. They are fresh, modern and ultra elegant.

If you’re preparing for a wedding or have prom on the horizon, look no further then these dreamy golden pieces. These designs would also make for a unique bridesmaid option. Ready to transform into ray of golden sunshine? Then read on..

Top 5 Gold Evening Gowns

#1: Gold and Ivory High Neck Embellished Dress 21243

Amp up the sophistication in this chevron gold and ivory gown.



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