Prom Dresses

Jovani has an amazing selection of stunning prom dresses to choose from. From bold, bright colors to sophisticated black and whites, we have the absolute perfect dress for you.

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Prom 2015 Trends

Jovani is always one to “one up” themselves and this years PROM 2015 collection has done just that. The new use of floral patterns for evening wear is unexpected, yet adds instant glamour to our collection. The design director, Julie Durocher, spent several months searching for patterns that were unique, yet sophisticated enough to be turned into one-of-a -kind designer gowns. The process that went into finding these patterns was tedious as the first version of a design is not always exactly what we are seeking. Often times, the first version of a pattern acts as a jumping off point to create the perfect pattern that later turns into a dress. The designer will often find a color, a texture, or a shape that inspires her, and use it to help her recreate a pattern that will better suit JOVANI and all of our cliental. The more work the design team does with patterns, the more creative and unique the gowns have become. Off shoulder, open back, irregular shaped trains have become PROM 2015’s signatures and the patterns are just what take the more ordinary into the JOVANI extraordinary. This year’s collection also includes a wide variety of Mikado dresses in an extensive assortment of colors. The fuller bottoms create feminine illusions that flatter a wider variety of body types. The fabric is an expensive blend of a thicker silk that is better for cooler- weathered events. The new fabric has helped our unique collection expand from the usual jersey, taffeta, and lace that we often design with, into a unique array of different JOVANI has used this fabric in an exciting way that has reinvented its existence and reestablished its opportunity in the market. While Jovani is expanding into new territory with the fabric choices, they have not abandoned the glitz and glam that made them famous. The Prom 2015 collection is filled with beads, studs, crystals, rhinestones and beautifully embellished appliques. Combined with the beautiful new patterns and fabrics, Jovani has created a new section of prom dresses. Our designer will soon visit India to further investigate the process of creating intricate embellishments and her research will help to better the company’s ability to include authentic stones.

Prom Dresses

When you look around our site you will instantly be inundated by the terrific assortment of prom dresses we have. Many of our dresses may have already been featured in your prom night dreams! To help you narrow down the number of garments on your wish list, think about which dress really shows of your best assets.

For those of you with a tiny waste, consider our open mid-drift prom dresses. Not many girls are able to pull them off, so take advantage of the shape of your silhouette; you will definitely stand out on the dance floor.

Those of you with tall, lean legs; you have a larger collection to choose from. For the more conservative gal, we have our long dresses with a sexy slit up the side. These enable your date to sneak a peek at one of your glorious gams. For the selective party girl, we have our short, sassy dresses that will show off your luxurious limbs in incredible style!

The word prom is short for promenade, or more accurately descried as the formal, introductory parading of guests at a party. This traditional “diner dance” can be traced back to the simple co-ed banquets that 19th century American universities held for each year's graduating class. Over time, Prom has grown into much more than a simple dance; it has given companies opportunity to create an entire industry. Jovani did not begin as a prom dress designer, but as eras have passed, our prom dresses have come to be what we are known for. Delicate lace and rhinestone ensembles, and jersey low cut gown have become what Jovani is known for. Social media has helped us to propel images and critiques of our gowns, displaying them, and attracting a larger audience. However, the prom industry is not just about dresses. Hairstylists, makeup artists, shoe designers, manicurists and florists play a large role in the business as well. Without them, Jovani would not be able to transform the young ladies into “prom queens,” and so we are the first to admit and understand that while the dress is extremely important, it only plays a small role in the finances invested into the special night. The pressure that comes with the whole day, and finding a date has often been linked to some stress and challenge in teens. Jovani strives to make “finding the perfect dress” and exciting, non-threatening part of the process—thus making the company so successful. We have experienced first hand the “dressing room meltdowns,” and we have now discovered that finding the perfect dress is a mission we make possible.

Creating these designer dresses is not easy. For a majority of the year the design team does tremendous amounts of trend research in order to find what styles young girls would be more inclined to purchase. This research often stems from following popular red carpet looks, to attending galas and events young women will also be attending. Publications like Seventeen Magazine and Teen Vogue also assist in uncovering the hottest trends of the year. Their research helps aid our designs, bringing the fashion industry together and continuing the ever evolving cycle that is a “trend.” Colors, fabrics, and bodice styles change so frequently that it is essential to stay on top of what is trending. The industry is competitive, forcing Jovani to stay on top of their game and produce not only what will physically flatter teenage girls, but creating dresses that they can afford. During pre-prom parties, teens gather in one-selected friends often-extravagant backyard to take pictures and quickly post online. Whether it is for popularity, or simply to share these young girls don’t realize their impact on the industry. Their posed pictures significantly effect the designer’s upcoming seasons. While creativity is a key component of designing, following trends and what exactly buyers are looking for is equally as important. Without the perspective and perception of our young customers, Jovani would not have been able to transform itself into one the number one main prom designers in America. Jovani hosted a competition for students to enter a chance to win a performance by Fifth Harmony at their Prom. These girls are all about girl power and a fun and positive outlook. They are the kind of women who are ideal role models for young girls worldwide, which is why Jovani thought they would be perfect to perform at your Prom. The lucky students at Pathways Academy of Technology and Design in Connecticut won the Prom contest. Not only did Fifth Harmony perform but they also had a meet and greet with the students. Jovani put the cherry on top by gifting the school a photo booth for the night, making sure no memories were forgotten. Since we believe Prom is a joyous event that every high school student should experience, we team up with Operation Prom to make this a possibility. Operation Prom is an organization that helps high school students from across the US attend their Prom in style at little to no cost. This ensures that no student is missing out on the biggest night of High School because of monetary issues. Every high school student deserves to feel amazing at their senior Prom and we are happy to be a part of making what seems impossible to some, everything they wanted and more for their special day.