Wedding Dresses

Once the most popular silhouettes are in order we begin finding proper fabric and tulle to use to create the gowns. This is where Jovani excels—Our head designer Julie Durocher finds fabrics, which are not only the highest quality, but also the best price range. She travels all over the world all over Europe, searching for the materials, which she can best use to construct her masterpiece, which is a wedding gown. Beading and embellishments are also an important part of this process. Jovani hosts daily meeting with merchants from different Europe, and several parts of the Middle East in order to find the most exotic looking stones. These embellishments are what helps to give us the title of “designer dresses,” and allows us to be grouped in the same category as some of the companies who have existed for much longer periods of time than we have. Our bridal showcase is one of the largest in the world, as our customer base is international. Each day sales reps speak with several countries promoting our gowns and explaining why they are so loved. Our sales reps each speak several languages, which makes communication with international clients, easier and much more personal. Jovani strives to not only gain attention from the bridal market in America, but from all over the world. There are those who want to stick to tradition with their wedding dresses, and Jovani can accommodate those desires, with jewel embellishments, organza and flowing trains right out of a fairy tale. However, those who want to buck tradition are also at home when they peruse Jovani's selection. With a form-fitting bodice, you will command the attention of those in attendance. With sleeveless and strapless designer wedding dresses you'll be even more stunning. We also have cutting edge, 1920s influenced, beaded gowns that are uniquely eye-catching. The word “wedding” is associated closely with the words “beauty” and “tradition.” Your family will be present and they'll want you to be at your most beautiful. With these original and traditional designs, you're sure to look more than just beautiful.