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Okay okay… Let’s talk all things prom.

With Prom season just around the corner, it seems only fitting to talk about prom dresses and how to have the perfect prom evening. After all, it is the most exciting, dreamy, and unforgettable night for most high schoolers.  The night to dress up, dance, and create unforgettable memories with friends. However, leading up to prom night, there is always a possibility that some things could go wrong: a dress not fitting, not being on time, forgetting to buy the proper shoes, etc., so it’s important to remember some tips and tricks to ensure that the night is enjoyable and stress-free, because on this night. It’s all about the beautiful memories you will create with people you won’t forget before stepping out on your journeys after school. 

So keep reading to learn more about…

– how to choose the right prom dress, including some FAB trends to keep in mind

– how to create outfits inspired by some show-stopping celeb looks

– what do’s and don’ts to follow leading up to prom night

-LASTLY, how to make the night unforgettable, which is the point of prom, right?

The Road to Prom Night: Preparing for the Big Day

The journey to prom night is almost as exciting as the event itself. From choosing the perfect dress to finding the right date to getting ready with friends, it is all important and matters. :) 

Choosing the Right Prom Dress

Choosing the right dress can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. After all, consider what you feel most beautiful: colors, shapes, and overall styles. Your prom dress should reflect who you are: unique and stunning in your own right! So, start by determining your body type, setting a budget (we don’t want to break the bank but still want to do it right), and considering your school’s dress code. Try on different dresses and make a day of it. Grab your best girlfriend and an iced coffee, and get ready to travel to different boutiques to find the perfect dress. Better yet, save some time by checking out @jovanifashions on IG to find which retailers carry JOVANI because you’ll want to wear the BEST. 

Always consider the most recent trends when choosing a prom dress. Jovani Fashion is known for keeping up with the latest styles and incorporating them into their designs. Look for dresses with off-the-shoulder styles, mermaid silhouettes, high slits, and glitter embellishments. These features are sure to make you stand out and feel like a prom queen (whether your in the running or not). Speaking of, check out this sub-article below highlighting some recent trends!!

4 trends that will knock their socks off for Prom Season 2023

🌸 Floral prints, duh – Floral prints are always in style for spring and summer, and prom season is no exception! This season, we can expect to see a lot of floral print dresses in pastel shades like pink, lavender, and yellow. Who doesn’t love a classic flowy flower child dress that screams bohemian? Add some beach curls and a natural, glowy beat, and it’s a look!

 😎Off-the-shoulder vibes – The off-the-shoulder style has been popular for a few seasons now, and it’s not going away anytime soon. This style is perfect for prom because it’s both elegant and trendy. Never too much or too little. It says, “I know I look good.. And what about it?” 

😘 Two-piece never hurt anyone – Two-piece prom dresses have grown in popularity recently and are still a fab choice for this season. The crop top and skirt combo is a great way to show off some skin while still looking elegant. 

✨ Sparkles and sequins, please! – Pairing a sequined detailed dress with a slick updo and some dangly earrings is a show-stopper. Prepare to be in the spotlight both figuratively and literally because those sparkles will look perfect under the lights, and so will you :)

🔆To be or not to be the brightest and boldest- This year, bright and bold colors are all the rage. There’s no shortage of statement-making shades, from electric blue to fuchsia, neon yellow to lime green. Choosing a bright and bold color will turn heads whether you opt for a full-length gown or a shorter cocktail dress.

😗Some sheer, my dear? – Sheer fabrics have been a popular trend for a while, and they’re still going strong this prom season. These dresses are all about playing peek-a-boo with your skin, from illusion necklines to sheer panels on the bodice or skirt. Sheer fabrics can add a touch of sexiness and sophistication to any prom look.

🤭It’s all in the details, lace details, that is- Lace is a timeless trend always in style, and this year it’s all about intricate lace details. From delicate floral patterns to bold, geometric designs, lace can add texture and depth to any prom dress. 

Jovani Fashion offers a wide range of styles, so choosing a dress that reflects your unique taste is important. For example, if you prefer a more classic look, you might opt for a long A-line dress with simple details. Choosing a bold print or bright color might be the move if you’re more daring. Just go with what makes you feel beautiful. Period! Speaking of beautiful, below we highlighted some of the best dress looks of celebs ever! 

Jennifer Lawrence’s Dazzling Red Dress

Jennifer Lawrence’s red dress from her 2011 prom is a classic look that never goes out of style. This strapless dress features a fitted bodice and a flowing skirt that flatters any body type. Select a bright red dress that makes your skin glow to recreate this look. Look for a similar silhouette and pair it with simple jewelry and a sleek updo. The dress will do the talking. 

Selena Gomez’s Classic Black Dress

Selena Gomez’s black dress is the epitome of timeless elegance. This simple dress features a sweetheart neckline and a fitted silhouette that hugs the body in all the right places. To recreate this look, select a black dress with a body con and simple silhouette and pair it with dramatic earrings and bold red lips. 

Beyoncé’s Shimmering Gold Dress

Beyoncé’s show-stopping look is designed for the girl who wants to stand out and pop out. This dress features a fitted bodice and a full skirt adorned with gold sequins. To add a lil Beyonce dazzles, find a gold dress that makes you feel like a superstar. Add in some simple jewelry and a sleek hairstyle, and don’t forget a glowy, natural beat, and there you go.. Beehive is worthy!

Taylor Swift’s Blue Dress

Taylor Swift’s blue prom dress is a romantic, dreamy look that is great for the girl who loves a touch of glamour. This dress features a strapless bodice and a flowing skirt adorned with delicate beading. If you’re trying to go for the “Our Song” look, pair a blue dress with delicate curls and a Dewey makeup look. You set to go.

Learn about the key factors shaping teens’ choices in our article, ‘Determinants of Prom Dress Selection for Teens‘.

Getting Ready with Friends

Getting ready for prom with your friends is one of the most fun parts of Prom. Spend the day getting your hair and makeup done, taking photos, and sharing stories. Take the time to relish the moment. You’ll look back at those moments years from now and smile. So be sure to plan and give yourself plenty of time to prepare so you’re not rushed on prom night. Because we all know rushing to get ready is anything but pleasant. So relax, and have fun beautifying yourself and setting yourself up to be your best and most confident. Makeup and hair aren’t everything, but we all know when you look your best, you feel your best too. And that is what is important!

Choosing the Proper Date

Choosing the proper date is an essential part of prom night. Whether you’re going with a friend or a significant other, choose someone who will make the night memorable. Communicate with your date beforehand, and plan your transportation and after-prom activities. If you are going with just friends, don’t fret Prom isn’t all about having a date; it’s about having fun, dancing, and staying present with some of your favorite people. Don’t get too caught up in the hype, or you may miss out on what’s truly important about this day. :) 

Dos and Don’ts Leading up to Prom Night

Leading up to prom night, there are a few dos and don’ts to remember to ensure the night is enjoyable and stress-free.


✅Do plan and give yourself plenty of time to get ready.

✅Do communicate with your date beforehand and plan your transportation and after-prom activities.

✅Do take care of yourself leading up to prom night, eat healthily, and get plenty of rest.

✅Do have fun and enjoy the moment.


❌Don’t wait until the last minute to choose your dress or make plans with your date.

❌Don’t overspend on your dress or accessories; set a budget and stick to it.

❌Don’t get caught up in the little details and forget to ENJOY YOUR NIGHT truly

❌Don’t succumb to peer pressure or engage in risky behavior on prom night.

Making Prom Night Unforgettable

As we continue to mention, Prom night is a night to remember, so take advantage of every moment. Dance, take photos, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Here are some tips to make prom night unforgettable:

  • Take plenty of photos to capture the moment.
  • Dance the night away with your friends and/or your date.
  • Make sure to eat and stay hydrated throughout the night.
  • Bring a pair of flats if you are wearing high heels; nothing dampens a great night better than painful feet.
  • Bring a change of clothes for after-prom plans.

Alright, alright, enough chatting. By following the tips outlined in this guide, you can be sure to carve out the perfect night with the most stunning look surrounded by the people you care about most. Other than your family :) So look around, say a few positive affirmations, and appreciate every moment. This is the night. Step out and make it something special. We at Jovani Fashions hope our customers have the most stunning Prom night because that matters before graduating and taking on the rest of the world! Don’t forget to check out some of our show-stopping new looks for this Prom Season; trust me, you’ll want to pop out in a Jovani Original. 

Shop our collection today! 

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