Should Your Eyeshadow Combine With Your Outfit?

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Last updated 3 months ago.

We are going to set you in a situation. Imagine you have a special event tonight like graduation, and you and your friends want to look as beautiful as possible wearing prom dresses, or you are going out to work and want to put on eyeshadow that matches the clothes you wear; However, you’re not sure of if you must do so. When you choose to wear colorful clothes, it is common to doubt whether to paint your eyes in a bright tone as well.

Our expert team explains that the eye makeup is a plus that you have to learn to take advantage of, only that way you will be able to impact everyone in any place you go. The answer to the question made above is: Yes, you must combine your eyeshadow with your outfit to achieve a stunning look.

Dressing well and also putting on makeup with style is something that you learn over time, especially when it comes to eyeshadow; but in Jovani we are going to show you next how to combine the makeup with your clothing.

Be natural

It is common to find pictures of models of prom dresses or friends who had a celebration that complemented their look with eye-shadow of a very bright tone, and that when you see them, you might feel like doing the same thing with yours. It should be noted that those over-the-top makeup styles are only used for photo shoots, in addition to catwalks, but never or almost never to go out or go to a big event.

For this reason, it is best always to be natural, remember to go for the beauty, but also the glamor without exaggerating your eyes. By being natural, you can wear any garment or dress since everything will fit you.

If your flaw is being “extra” …

One of the main problems you have, when you want to combine these two elements, is that you can not use many different types of cosmetics at the same time. You always have to be careful and use the exact amount that you need, and that’s it.

It is great to own a wide variety of products, but not having to put them all at once, making them out of tune.

What you should highlight

Sometimes, you have to choose only what will stand out with your outfit. In Jovani we recommend that, if you are in the summer season and you wear a striking garment, with intense colors, that doesn’t mean that you have to wear eyeshadow with the same tone since it will look kind of aggressive.

Smokey Eye

Another one of the star products that you should never miss is the eyeliner. Whether you go out to a night party or work, always have one at hand or in your bag, as they will give expressiveness to your eyes and the rest of your eye makeup, plus you can use it with any other accessory.

For this makeup not to be too light, you need to include a final trick. Find a liquid highlighter and put it under the arch of the eyebrows. This clarifies the shadows and captures the light that is reflected in your eyes.

Practice makes the master

One of the biggest tricks we will give you in Jovani is that, when you have free time and plan to wear a beautiful dress soon, practice your makeup first. Just as a professional has to work over and over again to perfect themselves, a makeup artist does not get to be as good “by magic,” but has taken long hours to try out cosmetics, colors and much more so that when she has to use them, you can combine them.


Maybe the first time, or even the second or third, you won’t get it right. Search content, photos of models and above all, ask your friends what they use, and take into account all of the pieces of advice we have, in addition to what they will provide you with, that will make you succeed and get you to match your outfit perfectly.

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