How To Combine Makeup With Your Black Dress

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A black dress is a must-have garment in a girl’s closet. There will always be a perfect occasion or excuse to use it and if you still don’t own one, stop wasting time; check out our varied lines of evening dresses, cocktail dresses, and even prom dresses. With that task in mind, have you considered the thousands of ways to use makeup so that you and it shine at 100% while wearing a black dress?


It may seem difficult, but a black dress is perfect for trying more than one type of makeup since being a neutral color offers a balance to create a whole look and accentuates the focus on your best features and the outfit. In Jovani, we are sure that you have seen more than one celebrity with more than one type of black dress on the different red carpets this year. There are all types: long, short, low cut, loose, fitted, etc. But they all decided to highlight their outfit with the perfect combination of makeup styles.

A compliment like any other


Many girls ignore that makeup is as powerful as any other accessory, or even more than that! Usually, the effort is centered on the shoes, the handbag, or the jewelry without considering that makeup plays a significant role when building harmony for your look. For example, if you carry a black prom dress or a simple black dress, specific rules must be followed. In Jovani, we will tell you all about the makeup styles that will enhance your beauty and that gorgeous black dress you are about to wear.


Smokey eyes or smoky eyes


You still haven’t tried this fabulous eye makeup technique? The smokey eyes are the favorites of celebrities for evening/night makeup. It consists of a profound delineation combined with eyeshadows applied with a blurred effect on the mobile eyelid towards the fixed eyelid (from which derives its name “smokey eyes”) and a final touch of two layers of mascara.


As the smokey eyes aim to highlight the look, it is right that the rest of the makeup should be as discreet and natural as possible. Subtle foundation, concealer, powder, blush, and a lip gloss in nude, peach or pink tones reach. Avoid the lipsticks of intense colors with this eye makeup because they are the ones that have the leading role.


Although the original usually involves black shadow, everything will depend on the other accessories you combine with, i.e., black prom dresses. Which brings us to the next point

How to choose makeup to go with your black dress

Red & Gold, Winning Combination!


Try them; the result is spectacular! Get an exuberant pair of lips by applying a makeup base to the lips (as if you wanted to erase them); draw the natural contour with a profiler, but without trying to modify them. Once outlined, get a little thickness with the pencil (recommended if your lips are thin) and fill them up so there is no difference with the lipstick; apply color with the chosen lipstick. It ends with a golden shadow point in the center to highlight.

If you paint your nails in bright red, the same tone as the lips, you will have the perfect set. It will be ideal because you will highlight the mouth without leaving out the eyes, which will shine with that beautiful gold.



  • Retro green eyes



The intention is to create an intense and captivating look. To do this, you must put on fake eyelashes and subtly outline and then, with a black pencil, flush these, then apply a green shade that includes a golden glitter pigment. Delineate the lower lashes also with green to emphasize the look.



  • Lilac tones, mallows, and variations



They look lovely with a black dress and are synonymous with more romantic femininity. Some girls get used to only accompanying their simple black dress with a pearl necklace and makeup in lilac tones, and the combination is the most successful! Of course, it is more dramatic and may tend to harden the features, so it is better to opt for bright tones for the eyes.

Remember to practice these types of makeup before the event day, such as the prom party, bar mitzvah, and business dinner. You can look at the rest of our entries or the collections we have available for the 2020 season, such as those already mentioned at the beginning of this blog. We hope the tips have been handy; Now you only need to feel spectacular and confident about your makeup and new black dress.

How to combine makeup with your black dress

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