How to Avoid the Worst Prom Dress Errors

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Prom is the one night when you want everything to go completely smoothly. You don’t want to worry about a wardrobe malfunction while you dance with your friends, pose for photos, and make ever-lasting memories. So, how can you avoid the worst prom dress errors and ensure your outfit is perfect on this important occasion?

We’re here to rundown the worst possible mistakes you could make while buying and wearing your dress. If you can avoid these most annoying pitfalls, you’ll be well on your way to having a perfect prom night and won’t have to worry about a thing. From getting the right size to making sure that dress is comfortable, there is much to consider before you buy. After understanding these mistakes, learn more about choosing the perfect prom dress to make your prom night unforgettable.

Here are the top points to keep in mind, and make sure you avoid them!

It Should Fit Like a Glove

It doesn’t matter if it’s your dream dress. If it doesn’t ‘sit’ right on your body, just say no! Your dress should fit you perfectly on each curve. One option is to buy it and have it altered perfectly to your shape. You can also be lucky and love how it looks without any alterations. Whatever the case may be, you have to be sure that the fit is perfect for you. Be it a curve-hugging mermaid dress or dramatic ballgown, the style doesn’t matter but the fit does. Check every area – including the waist, bust, and shoulders. Make sure the straps don’t flop down and the back closes up correctly.

You Should Be Comfortable

You should feel comfortable in the dress you pick. This applies to every aspect of your choice. Not only does it need to feel physically comfortable and be the right size, but it should also make you feel like yourself when you wear it. For example, if you are usually a modest dresser, there’s no point in using prom as the one time you experiment with a very sexy prom dress. You likely won’t feel comfortable or like yourself on the night. Pick a dress you won’t have to worry about and can ultimately relax in!

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Avoid a Wardrobe Malfunction

No one wants to feel embarrassed on their prom night, and that can easily happen if a dreaded wardrobe malfunction occurs. Learn from the stars and make sure your dress is completely held in place everywhere. For example, if you have a very plunging neckline, you may want to take the neckline in place. This is a classic red carpet stylist hack that uses double-sided tape.

If the dress is sheer, make sure you’re covered up underneath and nothing is left revealed. If your gown has a very high slit, be sure that nothing is on display from every angle. Another important point to consider is the length of your dress. Be sure you can comfortably walk around without dragging it and making you feel like you’ll trip up.

Wear the Right Underwear

Underwear is the foundation of any prom dress. It may not be visible, but it makes an impact without anyone knowing it. Underwear and shapewear can help keep your figure perfectly aligned throughout the night. Most importantly, you will need the right bra for your dress’s neckline.

Make sure it can’t be seen, but it offers you the right support and looks smooth from the outside. The rest of your underwear should also be seamless and help show off your natural contour! High-waisted shapewear is a great choice for any body type wearing a very fitted dress. This will gently ‘tuck’ you in and make your shape look hourglass.

Pick the Right Silhouette

The silhouette of your dress is one of the biggest choices you’ll make. If you do not know what dress best suits you, visiting a boutique near you and trying various dresses is always better. Shopping online can be convenient, but trying on a gown gives you another perspective. You can enlist the store’s staff to determine what dress style suits your figure the most. Every Jovani retailer boutique will be happy to help you try on various styles until you get to that perfect match.

Once you feel flattered in the right dress silhouette, you should also look at every other aspect of the design, including sleeve length, color, and other features, such as if it has an open back, spaghetti straps, or plunging neckline. These can also shape how the dress makes you feel and how it will look.

Once you’ve thought about each aspect, you can relax and enjoy your final choice, knowing you have avoided making the worst mistakes and have chosen the right prom dress for you!

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