Girl Clothing

The Senior Prom is an American tradition that began in the 1920’s as a way to bring all high school students together. It is an American rite of passage during prom for girls to get “glammed up” and dress to impress. Since the creation of Prom traditions have changed and proper attire to wear to the Prom has evolved…right? It seems, while years have gone by past trends are still relevant in fashion today. From 1920s flapper gowns, to ‘50’s rock and roll style and poodle skirts to ‘80’s electric colors and patterns, current fashion is repeating itself. Jovani’s 2015 Prom Collection includes all different styles from the past and today. Attending prom and wearing a gorgeous girls’ clothing of your choice is a chance to be part of America’s fashion culture. For your senior prom, revisit past eras, taking notice of the iconic looks and trends from different times. See if you can gain inspiration from the evolution of trends. With the endless selection of stunning Jovani gowns, you will find a piece from Jovani that suits you. If the 1950’s were an era you wish you could be a part of, look to Jovani for gowns that incorporate ‘50’s retro flare. The 1950’s were a time of change for women’s fashion. Two extreme looks were present during this time, the preppy look of poodle skirts, sweaters, wrap dresses, pencil skirts and mary-janes and the biker-chick look of leather jackets and tight leggings (Sandy’s transformation in Grease ring a bell?) No matter which look you are inspired by, Jovani has detailing in their gowns that any ‘50’s fanatic will love! From tulle underlay in long and short gowns that is reminiscent of the poodle skirt silhouette to ultra-fitted black bodice’s and body hugging long gowns similar to a pencil skirt’s silhouette, all different styles can be seen in Jovani gowns. Jovani makes ‘50s trends ultra-chic with their stunning Prom gowns. 1980’s trends of bold colors and symmetric patterns have gradually made a comeback. Jovani embraces bright colors in many of their gowns, which is perfect for anyone who can’t get enough of ‘80’s style. Choose a floor length mermaid gown including the colors green, blue, red and yellow to wear a modern day dress with ‘80’s characteristics. Go in another direction in a floor length body hugging jersey gown in hot pink. The 1980’s were a time for fun and wild fashion, so go with this style and take a risk in a head turning gown from Jovani. Fast forward to the millennium and see what the current style and trends are. If revisiting the past didn’t inspire any Prom looks, don’t worry; Jovani has many fashion forward pieces. Fit for the celebrities, Jovani’s gowns are so eye catching A-list celebs like Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift can be seen rocking Jovani’s pieces during events and performances. Whether you prefer to bring history back to life in a gown with past decades characteristics or choose to pick a modern look, Jovani has something for you. With elegant detailing and signature designs, wearing a Jovani gown will make heads turn and you feel like a princess at your Prom.