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Fancy Dresses

Having trouble deciding what to wear to prom? Don’t fret; Jovani has you covered with all of the most beautiful and fancy gowns to make you feel gorgeous and confident. Narrow down your options by selecting a few looks or details that you love above the rest. If you love sequins, make it a point to find only dresses that incorporate sequins in one way or another. Other details you may favor could be a prom dress that is lacey, tight-fitting, one with floral appliqué, tulle underlay or something plain black. No matter what style you love, just pick a dress that you feel confident in. Jovani’s fancy gowns that incorporate studs, beadwork and rhinestones are perfect pieces to wear to prom. Reality star Kim Kardashian and famous country singer Carrie Underwood have both worn beautiful beaded gowns by Jovani. If you want to resemble their looks, search through Jovani’s Prom collection for similar or exact same beaded gown. With Jovani, you can actually dress like the stars and wear a celebrity fancy prom dress. Because all bodies are built differently and people’s coloring differ, if you are a brunette a dress that Taylor Swift wore may not be the best choice for you. Certain colors that flatter a blonde’s look may not be best for a brunette. Choose colors in a dress that make your hair, skin color, and eye color pop, even if it isn’t the exact dress you initially liked. No matter what prom dress you chose, make sure it looks good and flatters your body. Sometimes if you are set on a certain look, for example a dress with lace overlay or sheer lace on the shoulders, but the gown is not the most flattering for your body it can be acceptable. If you have no preference as to what details you want on your prom dress than simply pick the gown that looks the best on your body. Finding a gown that flatters every part of your body and you feel confident in will be your best choice! If you have a large bust, choose a gown with supportive straps and an empire waist to help emphasize how small your upper waist is. If you have a larger bottom and love your legs choose a mini homecoming ball gown with a tight corset top and an A-line skirt with tulle underlay. Have fun shopping for your prom dress rather than making the decision hard. A beautiful and fancy dress that is perfect for prom is just waiting for you in the Jovani collection!