Celebrity Prom Dresses

You will look like you are ready to walk the red carpet when wearing one of our gorgeous celebrity prom dresses! The headlines will scream "Stunning!" "Exquisite!" and "Breathtaking!" when the world gets a chance to check you out at the prom! Get your camera ready.

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Here’s Your Chance to Look Like a Celebrity

A number of celebrities have been seen in our prom dresses, why shouldn’t you? We have made them attainable for young women from all walks and life – and we can’t wait to get them into your possession! All you have to do is decide which design fits your inner-celebrity the best.

Is your alter ego a Hollywood actress who is coy and reserved in public? Perhaps a tangerine floor length dress with embroidered top and a layered, flowing bottom is the ideal prom dress for you. Or are you more of a rock star that can pull off a sheer red dress with a plunging V-neck? We've got that, too!

Whoever your inner celebrity may be, one of our Jovani celebrity dresses will help unleash her. Close your eyes and visualize yourself with dozens of paparazzi flashing their cameras at you. What are you wearing? It’s in our catalogue, or, at something close to it.

Celebrity Prom Dresses And Gowns

Jovani has become a well-known fashion label, not only because of their beautiful and distinguished pieces, but also because of their numerous Jovani pieces that can be found on an endless number of celebrities. From top A-list musicians like Carrie Underwood to infamous reality stars like Kim Kardashian, the range of stars that have been spotted wearing Jovani prom dresses is large. From sparkly frocks to ultra mini prom dresses to dramatic ballgowns, Jovani has dressed celebrities for a variety of events and has pieces perfect for all women, not matter their style. When you are attending prom, look to Jovani to find the perfect garment to make you look and feel just like a celebrity!

For a more formal affair, look to stars for inspiration on what to wear such as infamous reality star Omarosa, famous young country singer Taylor Swift or American idol star Crystal Bowersox who have all worn formal floor length Jovani prom gowns to their formal events. From award shows to red carpet events, Jovani can be seen featured all over the limelight. When choosing your prom dress, why not turn to Taylor Swift for a head turning gown. Taylor Swift chose to wear a floor length tulle overlay strapless white gown while on tour performing. This stunning gown made Taylor Swift look like a princess and choosing a gown like this will make all women look and feel like princesses too! A floor length gown with a corset top, large A-line bottom and strapless is a beautiful and flattering silhouette in a gown to wear to prom. Play around with bold colors such as red, neutrals like beige or something class like black. The corset will ensure your gown stays in place and the a-line skirt makes your waist appear at its smallest. Choosing this gown is white is an angelic look, but a gown with this silhouette in any color from black to pink will be beautiful.

If for your prom gown you choose to have a less formal look, look to stars like Kim Kardashian, Audrina Patridge or Carrie Underwood who have worn beautiful Jovani mini-gowns to their events. As Kim Kardashian is ultra glamorous, she wore an exquisite and fabulous fully beaded embroidered tunic-like gown to her event. To look flashy to your event, replicate Kim K’s look. Jovani’s signature beading makes their gowns over the top stunning and the intricate detailing makes these gowns an investment to have for a lifetime. Wearing a beautiful detailed Jovani gown is a piece you can wear time and time again and you will always feel exquisite in. Carrie Underwood follows in Kim Kardashian’s footsteps by also choosing an ultra flashy mini gown. Carrie Underwood’s gown includes multicolor beading embroidery throughout the piece as well as a beautiful large broach in the middle of the bust. A look like this is very flattering and fun. Wearing a bright mini gown ensures you will be the life of the party and noticed by everyone! Jovani’s beautiful detailing and styling makes even short dresses as beautiful as long formal gowns. In Jovani, even in a shorter gown you will look stunning and feel confident.