How to Make Sure You Don’t Damage Your Prom Dress

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Before worrying about damage, the first step is choosing the right prom dress that not only looks stunning but also suits your body type perfectly. Once you’ve invested in this magnificent dress for your big night, it becomes essential to keep it in flawless condition. As you prepare for and enjoy your prom, there are several proactive steps you can take to ensure your dress remains damage-free. This is crucial, especially considering the last thing you’d want is to damage your beautiful gown just before making your grand entrance. Despite the high quality of your dress, remember that delicate fabrics like satin and chiffon, commonly used in prom dresses, are susceptible to wrinkles, tears, or holes if not handled with care.

To avoid any potential disasters, here are a few expert tips for keeping your dress perfect. That will mean flawless prom photographs and a dress you can wear again too. Prom dresses can be quite versatile and have many uses after the big day. If you’re feeling generous, you can even donate your dress to someone who needs one. There are many amazing charities who accept used dress donations. This can make a girl’s dreams come true. Keeping your dress in good condition is essential for this and many more reasons. Here are a few easy to follow tips to ensure a flawless evening and damage-free gown.

After you buy the dress

Once you take your dress home, you’ll need to find a safe dry area to store it. This is also important for homecoming or bat mitzvah dresses. If it’s an A-line style, it may not hang up well or fit in a wardrobe. One of the best options is to lie your dress flat. This will keep it wrinkle-free and safe. Place it out of reach from pets and make sure the area doesn’t get damp. If your dress is a beaded style or comes with any extra buttons, sequins, etc. Take any spares supplied. Store them safely in case you need them in the future.

Do a wrinkle check

Even if your dress has been laying flat, it’s possible that a few wrinkles or creases have formed. Check your dress a few days before prom. It may need to be professionally steamed at a dry-cleaner. If you have a hand-held steamer, you can try to lift any creases yourself. Always check the label on the dress, to see what is suitable for the fabric. Prom dresses should never be ironed unless the label allows for it.

Check your shoes

If your dress is floor-length or has a long train, you might puncture the hem with your heels. This is so common and can completely ruin the end of your dress by the time prom is over. To keep this in check, have a look at the shoes you’re wearing. If they’re very pointy stilettos, it’s a good idea to add a rubber or plastic tip that protects your dress. This can even make your heels easier to walk in. The idea is that it increases the surface area, making it less likely to go straight through the fabric. Block heels or flats are much easier for this and won’t go through your dress.

Carry the end of your dress

The hem and train are both most likely to get damaged on prom night. Make sure you pick up the end while walking, so it doesn’t drag and catch on anything. This is especially important while outside or getting into a car. Sweep up the end and make sure it’s tucked away before closing the car door. As you enter your prom, carry your dress end up any stairs and over any rough terrain. You don’t want it to get dirty or tear before you even arrive!

Bring a stain removal kit

Another big problem is stains. A stain can ruin your dress in one quick accident. Be careful if you’re eating a prom dinner. Drape a napkin over your lap in case any food falls. If you do get a stain on your dress, head to the nearest restroom. If you have a stain remover pen in your bag, use it on the area. If not, you can always run the stain under some cold water and dry it on the hand-dryer. This isn’t ideal but can lift a small stain out. Heavier stains can be soaked up with salt or sugar. These absorb the liquid, then you can brush or dab the area.

After prom night

Once prom is over and your dress is back at home, consider if it needs cleaning. It’s a good idea to have it dry-cleaned well before putting it in storage. Once it’s clean and fresh, you can lay it down or hang it back up. Keep it covered and away from strong light. A sun-filled room can cause your dress to fade over time.

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