Learn The Truth About Prom Facts In The Next 60 Seconds

 Prom is one of the most amazing experiences in a young girl’s life. From ballgowns to fitted jersey dresses, JOVANI is a go-to for all things prom. The most amazing thing about JOVANI’s prom collection is that there is a dress for each girl. She will be able to find a design to match her personality or style.

Prom has now become an international phenomenon. It's a gateway for girls to start their journey into womanhood. A highlight of any high school experience, prom night is now an elaborate affair. This means finding the perfect dress, hairstyle and more as prom season approaches. Prom has evolved to include the proposal - when your date asks you to prom in a creative and unique way. This is all a part of the prom experience that makes your big night unforgettable. It is a moment many students look forward to for years and everyone has their own unique prom story to tell!

Prom hasn’t always been what it is today. Over the course of many years, it has evolved and changed to include many new traditions. These amazing prom facts let you discover the evolution of prom and more about this formal event. Did you know that there was once a prom held at the White House? Can you guess how many weeks it takes for the average girl to find her prom gown? Prepare to discover some unique facts about this high school event that will make you see it in a fresh new light!

amazing prom facts


Looking at what makes prom special, our fun prom facts infographic explores this big night. We're sharing how prom is celebrated differently all over the world. We're exploring amazing facts such as how many gowns a girl tries on before finding the right prom dress. There are even some celebrity prom facts - including some stars who were crowned prom queen!. You’ll also find out how promposals came to be – and surprisingly, it all started with one episode of a popular tv show.