Prom Dresses

There are so many prom dresses to choose from. Finding the perfect dress is often the hardest part of planning for high school prom. With expert guidance from the stylists at Jovani, you will find the perfect prom dress .

A designer gown is more than a dress. It is a work of art that can transform your everyday look into a stunning ensemble for any special occasion. This will take you away to a world of glamour and romance. Be it a red carpet prom dress, bohemian style gown or short prom design, we've got a wide variety of dream prom dresses to make your prom night a special night.

Just like your own personal stylist, use this guide to find your dream dress from our wide selection.

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Best Dress Styles For Every Body Type

If you’re slender and petite wear colors like silver and gold. Also wearing a long prom dress will create an illusion of stature and shimmer on your prom night.

Other styles that enhance curves are bold patterns. Favoring styles include petite prom dresses, two pieces, mermaid and short cocktail dresses.

For curvy figures, theperfect dress is form-fitting and in a solid color. Black prom dresses create a classic and flattering look. These are also versatile for a variety of special occasions.

Wearing solid colors creates a vertical line that has a slimming effect for an elegant red carpet prom style. Jeweled embellishments are also flattering and add a dash of classic Hollywood glam.

For voluptuous figures, the sheath dress is perfect. This will give you a sleek shape whilst showing off your curves.

Stay away from bright patterns and look for colors such as nude and shades of pink.

The little black dress is also an ideal choice for its simple elegance and tailored sheath cut. If you’re full-figured, look for dresses to highlight the bust. Prom dresses that have a plunging V-neck or striking sweetheart or off-the-shoulder necklines.

Other styles that work well are classic ball gowns with full skirts and solid colors in subtle shades.

If your body type is more boyish focus on detail. Look for ruffles, embellishments, metallics, and red sexy prom dresses to add femininity.

Best Colors For Your Skin Tone

If you have fair skin, light pink and blue work well, such as jewel-toned shades of sapphire and ruby.

Other colors that compliment this skin tone are bright pastels. Colors such as blue and green as well as black and white. Subtle colors like silver and violet also pair great with pale, soft undertones.A green prom gown is a great option!

For medium skin, the peach and pink undertones go well with dresses in soft pastels. Colors such as lavender, plum and eggshell blue will add to the look.

If your skin is earthy and peach toned, the best colors to look for are bold patterned prints. Also striking red and green shades, and metallic gold are complimentary tones. A red prom dress will look beautiful on you.

If your skin is dark with gold or red tones, your perfect prom dress is in lighter shades or shimmery gold. Other colors that look fabulous with this skin tone are bright orange, red, and yellow shades.

As prom season approaches, you'll also want to consider your prom hair style, makeup and accessories when shopping for your final look - your personal style should shine and make your prom dress appear individual. Our prom dress store offers a wide selection of perfect prom dresses including short prom dresses, red carpet prom dresses, long dress style gowns, sexy prom looks and so much more. Wearing formal wear should be fun and exciting, and your school prom is a time to express your style – so don’t forget to add your own finishing touches!