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New Arrival 2015
New Arrival 2015
Prom Dresses

Black Tie Dresses Mandatory

Who says black tie is exclusive to men? Jovani answers this question with our re-introduction to the black tie dresses. Elegant, cultured and classic, these formal wear dresses certainly make a classic statement. Easy to wear and perfect for all occasions, this classic has made its reemergence known to everyone. These dresses truly stand the test of time. Once one realizes the changes are only slight, with emphasis placed on maintaining the elemental integrity and continued versatility, it becomes clear that even with all of the changes seemingly made at warp speed within the fashion industry, timeless and elegant black tie dresses are here to stay.

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Jovani Evening Wear Dresses

Constant demand for original designs and fresh looks is what drives Jovani's passion. Our designers travel the world over for inspiration and in-demand fabrics. Never ones to accept "adequate," these talented creatives have kept the competition on its toes. Of course, we are not surprised. We consider our designers the best in the industry.

Regardless of how the styles and trends change, one thing remains constant: the desire for that perfect dress that, upon being worn, somehow brightens life, or at least, boosts your confidence.

Whether your favorite style of evening wear dresses is reminiscent of the sparkling creations Marilyn Monroe graced in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" or for the refined and cultured looks Katharine Hepburn poignantly displayed in "Woman of the Year", the common denominator is constant. Every woman, whether she's attending her senior prom or presiding as an executive at an important function, deserves stunning and glorious perfection.

We take this commitment seriously and sincerely believe it is reflected in each of our designer evening wear dresses. Our designers make an effort to ensure every dress is special.