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JOVANI is the Official Fashion Sponsor for The Miss USA Organization. We're excited to partner with Miss USA and reimagine pageantry with designs that bring out the beauty within any and every woman.

JOVANI is thrilled to partner with The Miss USA Organization, an organization that values beauty and femininity in every woman. Together we are excited for the opportunity of reinterpreting pageantry through designs that highlight this trait - allowing all women around America access into feeling confident about themselves Jovani understands what it's like not only to be wearing their clothes but knowing they can bring out your femineity. Jovani Fashion, a leader in the evening wear industry, has partnered with the Miss USA Organization to dress this year's contestants. The company will have three looks for this year's contestants-a formal gown, cocktail dress, and swimsuit. By partnering with the Miss USA Organization for this year's pageant, Jovani Fashion will gain exposure to FYI and Hulu broadcasts of the event. The idea is that Jovani Fashion not only dresses but also creates looks that are appropriate for both traditional pageants and today’s reality TV shows like America’s Next Top Model or Project Runway.


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