Just a Homecoming dress article

Homecoming is a long-run alumni tradition, as well as a time for students to celebrate the start of a new school year. Whether you’re a freshman, senior, or a visiting graduate, you want to dress to the nines and impress your peers! When it comes to social events, especially with first time impressions, the saying “you are what you wear” can be effectively true. When you don’t know someone or haven’t seen them in quite a while, it’s only natural to judge one’s character and overall persona by their wardrobe. With that said, we would like to inform you that finding the perfect homecoming dress or outfit doesn’t have to be difficult either.

Jovani’s Homecoming Collection for 2013 features all the latest trends that are not only chic and trendy, but exude a fresh and elegant look. First, decide if you want a dress—a long gown or a short cocktail dress. Maybe you want a flirty JVN skirt with a flowy top? Even trendy black stretch pants with a cropped jacket or chic blazer? Browse through all of our collections and styles, and start to think about what will look best on you. From a variety of silhouettes, such as A-line, empire waist, mermaid, and princess (ball gown), you can be rest assured that there’s a style perfect you and your body type! Not to mention, our intricate necklines such as beaded keyhole halter tops, strapless sweetheart busts and fitted corsets, are not only flattering—but fashion-forward and unique. Maybe you want to match your date. Wear the matching color of his necktie or shirt, and you’ll be sure to look great in all the photographs! Remember, all of our dresses come in a variety of colors, so be sure to ask a retailer about color options once you’ve found the style of your dreams. You can also search by color on our JVN Collection website! Finding the right homecoming look just couldn’t be easier.

When it comes to the hair, you’re in luck. Since homecoming usually occurs during the early fall season, you don’t have to worry about the hair frizzing from outdoor humidity. You also don’t have to worry as much about it being too windy either. This is all the more reason to go all out when it comes to completing your homecoming look. Try a sleek and straight hairstyle if you are wearing a vibrant print pattern or just have a lot going on elsewhere. Less is more…so don’t risk ruining an elegant style with a look that’s overstated and garish.

Next, is the makeup. We all love those pretty eye shadow colors and lipsticks, but pulling together a fresh look that enhances your natural beauty rather than covers it up—takes time and skill. Don’t panic! Simply remember a few vital tips when attempting to apply your homecoming makeup or when going to get it done professionally. With bold pattern print styles and vibrant colors, tone down the look by keeping it simple and elegant with light and shimmery eyeshades, subtle eyeliner, light to nude lip color and a hint of pinkish-rose blush at the top of the cheek bones. If you are wearing a classic and simple style, or just a solid color, spruce up the look with dramatic smoky eyes (i.e. dark liner with white to dark grey shadow), a non-shimmer bronzer and a light pinkish to red lipstick or gloss. Try to showcase one feature such as your eyes or your cheeks and lips, otherwise you risk looking like a circus clown. Sorry girls! Homecoming is a memorable time, even a milestone.

At Jovani, we feel that you should look the way you want to look and feel. With Jovani’s styling experts at your service, you can make all your dreams come true this homecoming.