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Homecoming extensive collection article

The year may be ending, but that means the start to another school year is just around the corner. Don’t be sad at the thought of starting another school year, but be excited at the thought of homecoming! Homecoming is a long-run tradition that welcomes the start of something new, so why not show off an improved version of your fabulous self by wearing something that will have heads turning?! Don’t save shopping for homecoming up until the last minute.

Jovani’s extensive collection of short dresses and gowns has something exquisite and gorgeous for every taste and style. Plus size? Don’t worry! Jovani has a gown that will fit and flatter all body types too. This season, Jovani is the place to look for that perfect homecoming dress. From simple and elegant, to fun colors and prints, Jovani’s wide range of dresses gives you a huge selection to choose from. Take the “new year, new you” challenge this homecoming season. Think about your boldest fashion statements from the past year and sum up your overall style. Did you wear an over-the-top long gown at your last homecoming dance that you regretted? Take homecoming as an opportunity to start the year off fresh by exhibiting a brand new fashion style. If classic and understated is what you determined to be your overall style from the previous year, it’s even more of a reason to take a risk this homecoming. Use it as a time to dress out of your comfort zone. Rather than opt for the tailored, floor-length gown in traditional solid colors, try to keep an eye out for bold colors and vibrant prints when shopping!

Don’t be shy or afraid to stand out. Wearing metallic shades of purple and green can bring out certain skin tones, as well as hair and eye colors that will make you look that much more glamorous and noticeable. Choose a chiffon A-line gown with rosette appliqués or a strapless silk patterned gown to add a subtle flare to your look. Decide on a silhouette that flatters your body and that you are comfortable in. If you are straying off from your usual look, it’s still important that you are comfortable and feel confident. It’s never too late (or too early in the year) to make a new and exciting impression. Show off to your classmates just how much you do care about your looks by wearing a stunning gown. Look put together in a fully beaded gown or a strapless mermaid style with elegant embellishments. Choose a bright color such as blue, purple or yellow, and you will surely get noticed!

Complete your look with perfectly done makeup and a hair. Pick a fabulous up-do or soft waves if you have longer locks. Look impeccable from your head to toe, and whatever fashion oops you’ve made in the past will quickly be forgotten! Throughout the past year were you extremely color happy? Were you always trying to pair a bright-colored top with colored jeans or did you never leave the house in a plain, solid color shirt? Perhaps you could show off a sleek and glamorous look this homecoming? You can always turn to traditional colors like black for elegant and understated styles. If you love having a flare or an edge to your look, you can liven up a simple black dress with Jovani’s signature bead embellished designs or layered accessories. A black mermaid style dress with a sweetheart neckline and beaded waist belt shows how classic gowns can be fun, youthful and still elegant. High school is a time for change and a time to figure out your personal style.

Take a chance at homecoming and wear something out of the ordinary. Dress up, look your best, and most importantly, feel like a princess. Whether you are attending the dance with a new date, a long-time boyfriend, or a group of girlfriends, you can make jaws drop and heads turn just by looking fabulous in a gown by Jovani. What are you waiting for?!