17 August, 2018
How much it costs to go to prom

Prom Expenses

When prom season arrives, we know that it can cost a lot of cash, especially for girls. Starting with the prom dress, shoes, hair, makeup, transportation, […]
17 August, 2018
how to match shoes to your prom dress

Matching Shoes For Your Prom Dress

Prom season is finally here, so we know you are already making preparations to pick the perfect outfit for your prom party. Every teen wants to […]
16 August, 2018
How to start a healthy prom diet

Do You Need A Diet For Prom?

Do You Need A Diet for Prom? To make your prom night perfect, you need to be able to feel confident, we know you only want […]
15 August, 2018
How to pose for professional prom photos

The Best Prom Photoshoot

Prom night is one of the most emotional events we can participate in throughout our lives. It is the culmination of a goal for every high-school […]
15 August, 2018
prom makeup ideas and inspiration

The Best Makeup For Prom

Prom night is finally arriving, the end of a chapter in your life is certainly coming to an end, as a new one is undoubtedly beginning. […]
15 August, 2018
How to choose a hairstyle for prom night

Everlasting Prom Hair

Prom season is finally here, you may have already chosen your perfect prom dress ensemble, and now you must select a prom hairstyle: That day you […]
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