6 November, 2018
curves with fashion

How To Create The Illusion Of Enviable Curves With Fashion

Fortunately, more and more options are adapting to different types of girl, especially designs that not only focus on developing pieces of all sizes but indeed […]
6 November, 2018
different styles for 2019

How To Experiment With Different Styles For 2020

The world of fashion and style fascinates many girls. For this reason, they always experiment with different trends both in makeup and clothing; As a result, […]
6 November, 2018
beautiful in any outfit

The Secrets Of Feeling Beautiful In Any Outfit

If the scale marks a few extra pounds, don’t worry and put aside the fear of a new year of styling. On the contrary, you can […]
5 November, 2018
Tall women styling tips

How To Dress If You Are Tall: Only The Best Tips

When you’re tall, shopping can become a real headache sometimes. After a lot of thinking, you take home that top you love, but suddenly you realize […]
5 November, 2018
the top fashion trends to wear in 2019

The Best Prom Styles For This 2020

2020 is already on the corner, and Jovani brings you its proposals for this new year of fashion. After breaking down the trends from this latest […]
2 November, 2018
How to dress to empower your look

How To Dress Up As A Powerful Woman

Although sometimes it’s great to set the trend, the truth is that certain events require more sobriety in your look. This time we were inspired by […]
2 November, 2018
important fashion tips for 2019

Fundamental Style Tips You Need To Apply For 2020

Do you feel that you didn’t quite nail you fashion during 2018? All people make mistakes regularly when deciding what to put on.  However, if you […]
2 November, 2018
How to become a total fashionista

The 3 Golden Rules To Become A Total Fashionista

The outfits that you wear must be at your service and not the other way around. Although it seems like a simple principle, many girls lose […]
31 October, 2018
How to style a petite body type

9 Fashion Tips For Small Girls

Choosing the ideal outfit is essential always to look spectacular. It’s no secret that learning to combine and select the perfect pieces of clothing for the […]
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