14 September, 2018
how to organize your prom night celebrations

How To Organize Your Prom Party

The school year is over, and graduations arrive, along with mixed emotions of happiness for everything lived and all the victories that you and your friends […]
14 September, 2018
Unique ways to create your own promposal

How To Invite Someone To Go To Prom With You

Inviting someone to go to prom can be as exciting as nerve-wracking. If you have already chosen the person you would like to go to, but […]
14 September, 2018
Choose nail color to go with your prom dress

Matching Nails With Your Prom Dress

Sometimes it happens to many girls that have their prom party soon, whether is night or day and already have a whole look armed, with the […]
14 September, 2018
easy prom hairstyles to try at home

6 Gorgeous And Easy Hairstyles For Proms

With the arrival of spring begins the time of prom parties. Many girls make appointments in beauty salons way beforehand; However, it’s not necessary to spend […]
23 August, 2018
how to pick the right jewelry for your prom dress

How To Pick Jewelry For Prom

Prom night is arriving! After you have found the perfect prom dress, now its time to enhance your outfit with the most beautiful jewelry. Choosing the […]
21 August, 2018
how to become prom queen

How To Become Prom Queen

If you want to be Prom Queen you cannot wear the typical dress, only a Jovani gown will surely guarantee you look like the real queen […]
20 August, 2018
What to bring in your prom bag

What to bring to Prom

When attending prom, you must be prepared at all times with some prom essentials before, during and after prom. There are certain things a girl can’t […]
17 August, 2018
how to match shoes to your prom dress

Matching Shoes For Your Prom Dress

Prom season is finally here, so we know you are already making preparations to pick the perfect outfit for your prom party. Every teen wants to […]
16 August, 2018
How to start a healthy prom diet

Do You Need A Diet For Prom?

Do You Need A Diet for Prom? To make your prom night perfect, you need to be able to feel confident, we know you only want […]
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