Jovani Prom Dresses – Frequently Asked Questions

jovani prom dress guide
  Searching for that dream prom dress can get a little complicated. It can be hard to know where to even start! From boutiques to online stores, there are so many options available when it comes to shopping for your prom night. At Jovani, we want to make it an easy and fun-filled experience that you’ll always remember fondly. We’ve put together some of the most common questions about Jovani and prom dress shopping to help you on your journey towards saying ‘yes’ to that dress. These will help you as you search and shop for the design you’ve always pictured yourself wearing on this special high school occasion.   How much do Jovani prom dresses cost? Jovani prom dresses vary in price from affordable to couture level. The pricing is determined based on length, the style of the dress, the level of detail and fabric used. While Jovani dresses aren’t typically cheap or at the lowest price point on the market, the price reflects quality design, luxurious embellishments, bead-work, and other high fashion details. The fit and silhouette are also sculpted beautifully, giving you value for money and a dress that will last a lifetime.   Where are Jovani dresses made? Jovani is a company located in the USA. Our dresses include many opulent hand-crafted and sewn features such as bead-work and embellishment. The head designer of Jovani is Julie DuRocher. DuRocher is the talented creative force behind each of our dress collections.  Jovani is based in the Garment District of NYC, and also has a flagship store in Los Angeles. Jovani dresses can be found all over the world and are a favorite with celebrities for red carpet events. Jovani prom dress guide 2   Where to shop for prom dresses? When shopping for prom dresses, you have two choices. To visit local boutiques and stores, or to shop and make an order online. It is a good idea to begin by looking at your favorite dress brands online. This gives you the biggest choice and you can compile your favorite looks before going shopping. This will help give you an idea of the dress styles you love and make it easier to find the right look if you plan to shop at local boutiques. If you can’t find your favorite dress locally, any official Jovani retailer will be able to place an order for you. You can alternatively find your favorite dress through an official online store.   Who sells Jovani dresses? Jovani is a wholesale designer of prom dresses. This means that you will need to find your nearest retailer or online store to place an order. There are formal boutiques and stores across the USA, and around the world, that sell Jovani prom dresses and our other collections. Before making a purchase, always make sure that the place you’re buying from is an official retailer. This ensures you are not buying a knock-off design. You can find this information on our full list of official Jovani retailers, which is easy to navigate by state, country, etc. Another way to verify the store is a legitimate retailer of Jovani is to check for their JAC ID number. Each official Jovani retailer is given its own ID which should be displayed somewhere in the store. If it is not, please ask a member of staff to provide their unique number so you can check their ID on our authenticity page.   Where can I buy Jovani prom dresses online? Wondering how to order Jovani dresses online? Many Jovani retailers also have websites where you can buy Jovani dresses online. These official retailers are a safe place to browse for your dream prom dress, as they are guaranteed authentic Jovani designs. You can easily shop and order your favorite dress from the comfort of your own home. This is a great solution if you don’t have a boutique or retailer near you!   Where to find Jovani dresses? Jovani dresses are found only via our official retailers in the USA and Worldwide. You can also find selected official online stores that carry our dresses. Jovani has only one physical store, our Los Angeles flagship location. You are welcome to visit us if you are searching for somewhere to buy a prom dress in Los Angeles. Come in and try on the dresses available in store or place an order with us!  
    Where to get prom dresses near me? You can browse for your nearest prom dress store that stocks Jovani by State if you’re based in the USA. Simply select your State in the drop-down box and you’ll find a full list of the stores closest to you. This easy to use store locator will make it easier for you to find and contact the Jovani dress stores nearest to your hometown. If you are based in another country, you can also similarly search for Jovani Worldwide stores. Choose your Country from the drop-down box to see the stores available.   Where to buy cheap prom dresses? Prom can be expensive, and if you are on a budget, there are plenty of ways to cut costs for your big night. One of the most costly aspects of preparing for prom is undoubtedly the dress. One way to find a more affordable option is to select a short inexpensive prom dress. These can often be slightly cheaper as they use less fabric and have fewer details. A great budget-friendly alternative is to buy from our cheaper JVN prom dresses collection. These have a similar look to Jovani dresses but are at a lower price point.   How much are prom dresses? Prom dresses can vary widely in price. There is a good reason for the big difference between cheap and expensive prom dresses. Cheap prom dresses are often made from low-quality fabrics that can wrinkle and tear easily, with poor attention to how the dress fits, and with bead-work that isn’t applied well and often falls off straight away. This is the quality level to expect with very low-cost and cheap prom dresses. By choosing a well-known dress brand like Jovani, you get a much higher quality level with hand-sewn beads, fully sequin or embellished designs, luxurious fabric choices, and most importantly, a dress that fits like a glove.   Where can I get a free prom dress? Yes, it is possible to get a prom dress for free! We run weekly giveaways on our evening dresses page, giving away 10 Jovani prizes every single week! To enter, just scroll to the end of the page and add your details in the giveaway box. jovani blush sequin prom dress   What color prom dress should I wear? Choosing a color is just as important as the style of dress you wear. It can be a little hard to know what color suits your skin tone. One easy way to find the right color prom dress for you is to try on a few varying colors, or simply hold the dress close to your face/draped across your shoulders. In a mirror and in natural light or a well-lit space, you will see how different shades impact your own skin tone. If it brings out the undertones of your skin, avoid that color. If it highlights your natural pigment, it’s a great match!   How to hem or shorten a prom dress? If your dress is too long, you’ll need to have it taken up or hemmed before prom night. If your dress is floor-length, it should only graze the floor, making it easy to walk in so you don’t trip over the front. It’s important to hand your dress over to a professional who you trust. A great seamstress will be able to shorten your dress easily, without any noticeable differences, however, it can depend on the style of the dress, as it may not work well for certain styles.   Where can I buy plus size prom dresses? Jovani makes dresses for larger plus-size women, our collections range from size 00 – 24. This makes it easy to find the right size prom dress no matter what your body shape or figure. Everyone from petite to plus-size is catered for, as well as athletic, pear, apple and slender body shapes. Our wide range of dress choices gives you the freedom to find the dress that flatters you perfectly, giving you an optimum fit and a sophisticated tailored look.   What to do with old used prom dresses? Many teens wonder what to do with their prom dresses once their special night has gone by. After prom, there are several options available to you. These are easy ways to put your prom dress to good use! Firstly, you can donate it to someone else who needs a prom dress. This could be a friend or relative, or a charity organization who passes your dress on to other teens who don’t have the funds to buy a new dress. You can also keep your dress for other formal events and occasions, such as galas, black tie evenings or weddings. Depending on the style of dress, you could potentially have it altered into a shorter party dress for nights out or celebrations in the future. Jovani silver prom dress   When to start looking for prom dresses? Prom usually takes place at the end of the academic year, towards the summer months. However, most brands release their new collections onto the market in the Fall or Winter seasons. This is to give you enough time to choose your dress in advance. If you want to have the most options, begin looking for your dress as soon as the school year begins. This gives you the maximum amount of time to pick from the newest dresses with the most selections available to you. Popular styles often get sold out quickly and if you wait too long, your choices will be cut dramatically. You can always put a dress on layaway, have it ordered or simply purchase it in advance and keep it in a cool, dark space laying flat or hung-up at home before prom night.   What to wear to prom besides a dress? There are some trendy alternatives to the classic prom dress if you want to wear something different. If you don’t like how normal prom dresses look, or they simply don’t fit your style, you can opt for a number of different fashion options. One of the best alternatives is a prom jumpsuit. This can still have a formal look that is appropriate and glamorous for prom night, while its also a comfortable, edgy and unique choice. Another great style choice is a two piece formal suit. This is a suited look with a masculine inspired feel, with a blazer and coordinating pants.   What are the different styles of prom dresses? Prom dresses come in many shapes, styles, and fabrics, as well as colors and various necklines to select from. Some of the most popular fabrics for 2020 include velvet, lace, jersey, floaty chiffon, modern-looking scuba, and voluminous tulle. These all play a part in how the final dress looks. You also need to consider what kind of neckline suits you. Choices include classic sweetheart, off-the-shoulder, plunging, V-neck, halter and boat.   While prom dresses can be quite unique in design, there are a few commonly occurring silhouettes that are popular and widely found. Here are the top prom dress styles you’ll likely encounter while shopping for your dress.  
  • Short – A short prom dress can fall anywhere from above-the-knee to midi/tea length. It can be fitted or flared, with many further style options.
  • A-line/Ballgown – This is the classic ‘princess’ look. A high waisted short bodice that is fitted with a flared A-line pleated or flowy skirt.
  • Fitted – This is a sexy red carpet inspired option. Fitted dresses are commonly made from fabrics such as jersey and aim to hug your curves perfectly in a bodycon style.
  • Mermaid – The mermaid dress remains a top choice for prom night with its hourglass shape. This includes a fitted bodice and skirt that has a dramatically flared end and often includes a train.
  • Jumpsuit – The prom jumpsuit is gaining ground in recent years and if you prefer a more masculine or powerful look, this is an original look for your big night.
  • Two-Piece – Two-piece prom dresses have a separate crop top and skirt. This can be a fitted or flared skirt and can offer you a wide range of choice. This look typically displays your midriff.
Jovani mult-color paillette fitted prom dress   What prom dress style looks best on me? It can be hard to know exactly what kind of prom dress suits you best. To help figure out what style of dress to go for, we recommend heading to your nearest Jovani retailer to try on a few different dress styles. Take photos in the dressing room of each look, take your time to see which design elements flatter your shape and which highlight less desirable areas. You can always send the photos to friends to get a second opinion or browse through them at home before you make your decision. Don’t forget to consider your body type – everyone is different and your dress should show you at your best!   Can I wear a short dress to prom? Short dresses for prom have become increasingly popular. They’re more comfortable than a long dress because they’re easier to walk and dance in. Unless your school has outlined a specific dress code for the night, you are able to choose a dress that’s shorter than floor-length if you wish. Many girls are opting for above the knee or midi length looks for their prom night. Just make sure the rest of your outfit is suitably formal with the right accessories (heels, clutch) and a polished, well-styled hairdo.   How to cover cleavage in a prom dress? There are many ways you can make a prom dress more modest. Not everyone wants to show off some skin on their prom night! If you’d prefer to cover your cleavage, simply choose a high or boat neckline. These are very sophisticated options that place more of a focus on your shoulders instead. For something in-between, you could also select an illusion neckline. This is a sheer high neck fabric that includes an opaque neckline shape beneath, such as sweetheart or plunging. More modest prom dress options include long sleeve designs with a floor-length pleated skirt and a high neck, or a cap sleeve boat neck gown.   How to bedazzle or add sparkle to a prom dress? If your dress for prom is simple and you want to add some extra sparkle, there are a few ways to adapt and edit the dress. You could purchase a sparkling brooch to add to the shoulder, neck or waist of your dress. You could also ask a seamstress to add some beads or embellishment to the straps, neckline or waist. Alternatively, simply add sparkle with the use of accessories. Purchase some glitter or metallic heels, a clutch or a waist belt to add to your prom outfit. Embellished chandelier earrings are also an easy way to make your outfit look more bedazzled!   What kind of crystals are on Jovani prom dresses? Jovani uses a wide range of beads and crystals to add sparkle to our dresses. This includes sequins, Swarovski crystals, paillette, heat set stones, a variety of beads, beaded fringe, floral appliques, bows, buckles, studs, decorative chains, faux pearls, buttons, etc. Many of these embellishments are hand-placed and sewn by our designers.
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