5 December, 2018
From Casual To Formal

From Casual To Formal: The Fashion Journey That Every Curvy Girl Should Take

Looking beautiful is not exclusive to one size. In fact, any garment can be worn by any girl; we just have to take some little things […]
5 December, 2018
What To Wear If You Are Part Of The Prom Committee

What To Wear If You Are Part Of The Prom Committee

The prom party! What a beautiful occasion to look beautiful and have fun selecting among so many beautiful prom dresses that Jovani brings for the 2019 […]
24 November, 2018

How To Improve Your Self-esteem Starting From Wardrobe

All the girls and women around the world are beautiful and unlimited human beings by nature. You should know that you can shape the universe around […]
14 November, 2018
Girl With Stunning Thick Legs

How To Be A Stylish Girl With Stunning Thick Legs

Having beautiful legs at any time is the dream of every girl! Whether you are a student excited to choose between the variety of Jovani prom […]
14 November, 2018
The Size Of Your Hips

How To Get The Most Out Of The Size Of Your Hips

Whether you want to know some trick to disguise your hips and stylize your figure or because you want to learn how to enhance them properly […]
12 November, 2018
High Fashion Garment

How To Turn Any Outfit Into A High Fashion Garment

Some girls who attempt to make trendy choices end up choosing outrageous outfits. And sometimes it is not that the garment is ugly, but it is […]
10 November, 2018
The Hourglass Silhouette

The Most Successful Styles For The Hourglass Silhouette

All girls have different body types. If you have a silhouette with sharp curves and the waist is proportionally smaller, then you have an hourglass body. […]
6 November, 2018
looks for day and night

How To Create Looks For Day And Night

Today, girls have a faster pace of life filled with different obligations and therefore have to meet many responsibilities, ranging from teenage girls in high school […]
6 November, 2018
How To Change Your Day

How To Change Your Day With Your Outfit

Very few times people are aware of what they use, but are you? Choosing a garment from your closet is not something is not a random […]