4 February, 2019
blush pageant dress

Jovani Pageant Dresses 2019 Collection: The Ultimate Guide for All Silhouettes

If you’re competing in a pageant this year, you’re going to need a winning dress. You’ll probably research what past winners have worn and wear something […]
1 February, 2019

How to Make Sure You Don’t Damage Your Prom Dress

Prom dresses can be expensive. You’ve spent your whole budget on one magnificent perfect dress for your big night. Now, it’s important that it stays flawless […]
30 January, 2019
red carpet style hacks for prom

Red Carpet Beauty & Style Hacks to Use on Prom Night

Prom is your very own moment to feel like a star. You’ll experience the red carpet lifestyle on this special night. Hollywood events are always high […]
24 January, 2019

What You Should Do the Night Before Prom

If your prom night is only one sleep away, you should be feeling prepared for what’s ahead. However, the day before the big night is a […]
22 January, 2019
prom dress shopping

Everything You Need to Know About Prom Dress Shopping

Prom dress shopping is one of the most fun parts of preparing for prom night! You get to enjoy spending time with friends, shopping and trying […]
21 January, 2019
navy prom dress

Top 5 Dress Styles to Consider for Prom 2019

  Prom 2019 is now just around the corner. To pick a dress for this special night, you should be aware of the top fashion trends. […]
5 December, 2018
From Casual To Formal

From Casual To Formal: The Fashion Journey That Every Curvy Girl Should Take

Looking beautiful is not exclusive to one size. In fact, any garment can be worn by any girl; we just have to take some little things […]
5 December, 2018
What To Wear If You Are Part Of The Prom Committee

What To Wear If You Are Part Of The Prom Committee

The prom party! What a beautiful occasion to look beautiful and have fun selecting among so many beautiful prom dresses that Jovani brings for the 2019 […]
5 December, 2018
How To Look Appropriately Sexy

How To Look Appropriately Sexy On The Day Of Your Prom

Prom day is crucial for many girls. They celebrate both the culmination of their studies and the beginning of a new path. That’s why, at the […]