Find My Dress

You can use our new 'find my dress' tool to locate stores who may have the dress you want in stock or can reorder it for you. This is a simple way to find your closest store and see if they could have your size available to try on. Our tool includes all prom dresses, cocktail and homecoming designs. You can also find other current collections (wedding, evening, pageant, etc).

Use our tool by following these steps.

Open the dress you're interested in and locate the style number. This is a chain of numbers/letters and is unique to this dress. For example: '62517'. You can find a style number for each dress on the product page, located at the end of the dress title.

Enter your details on the 'find my dress' tool. Add the style number of the dress you're interested in, as well as the color and size you are looking for. You can leave these blank if you don't want to specify. Choose your country from the drop-down menu and click 'find my dress'.

View the list of stores that loads. This will show you which stores have ordered this dress from us. It also indicates which size and color they ordered. You can see their address and click on their store name to get more details.

We recommend contacting the store listed to ask if the dress is currently available. If it is sold out, the store can order it again for you.

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