Take the plunge with one of our beautiful v neck dresses. The Jovani collections have an array of various necklines and the v neck is all about creating a striking bodice with a flattering v-shaped neckline. This sexy style can be as plunging as you dare and we often add sheer inserts into our pieces to make them easier to wear and stay in position. Wear with a pendant necklace to draw even more attention to this feature. Browsing our v neck designs is a great starting point for any event dress you're searching for and you can choose from long sleeve designs, appliqué pieces, prints and many other options.

Paired with a collar necklace, highlight your bust in a v neck dress. Wearing one of our gorgeous plunging pieces is a good idea for any formal event or party. Choosing from a wide range of styles, you'll find many designs to suit your taste. This neckline is famously flattering for broad shoulders. A celebrity and fashion blogger favorite, this formal style is so simple and chic to wear.

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