Pleated dresses have that added comfort and movement. Jovani's pleated designs include a mixture of options - everything from vintage inspiration to modern minimalism. If you're looking for a long flowy gown to hit the dancefloor in, a pleated option will give you that room to move around and will still look so chic in photos too. Pleats often add a little drama into the mix, such as flare box pleats, which can add extra volume and excitement to your look. Our pleated evening gowns come in a selection of styles. If you love prints or embellishments, there's something to suit your taste. Jovani has also created short pleated dresses that are perfect for parties and cocktail events such as fit and flare designs. A classic style, a pleated look is a gorgeous option for a formal event - choose a design that highlights your waist with a form-fitting bodice and flared pleated skirt. With a variety of fabric choices, you'll find the perfect fit to suit your body shape.

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