The Apple Body Type is one with slim legs and thighs but with wider shoulders and a rounder middle. This could also include a bigger bust. Those with apple shape figures have plenty of beautiful features to highlight, including gorgeous toned legs. Creating a waist by selecting a belted dress and showing off your neckline will add balance to your natural shape - and these specially curated formal event dresses were put together to help you flatter and flaunt the figure you have. Look for designs that have a belted waist, a-line skirt and a pretty neckline to make the most of your bust. These pieces will make you look and feel beautiful no matter what the occasion. 
 Draw attention to your legs and wear a shorter hemline, or if searching for formal wear, the perfect dress for you will have a narrowed waist and pleated skirt. Look for gowns that balance your curves and create a flattering silhouette - be it a prom dress, cocktail dress or any other formal attire, you'll find so many perfect dresses for you that will be just right for any dress code or evening occasion.