Wedding Dress Fashion Trends 2021

Wedding Dresses
Wedding dresses are the most important dress worn by the bride during a wedding. The dress itself, color, design and ceremonial significance of the dress greatly depend upon the religion and culture of both the wedding guests and the bride. A wedding dress is considered the most expensive dress worn at a wedding. Most brides prefer to wear white wedding dresses because white symbolizes purity and innocence and is a virgin flower in many religions. Brides also choose to wear a special wedding veil to hide their faces on the wedding day. Brides can be categorized into several groups depending on their social status. Those who belong to the lower class have low status and low financial potential whereas those who are from the upper class have high social status and higher financial potential. Brides who belong to the middle class are more likely to choose elegant and expensive bridal dresses. There are several styles available according to the social status and financial potential of brides. Wedding dresses date back to ancient times. In ancient times brides used to wear sari, members, and sherwanis which were mainly made of wool. But with changing times they changed into different fabrics, styles, and designs. Today modern brides prefer wedding dresses that are created specifically by designers that are a little costly than the common bridal wear but look as beautiful.