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The Best Bridal Nails & Nail Art for 2019

Posted: 3rd May 2017

 Preparing to walk down the aisle? There are so many boxes to tick when preparing for your big day. Beyond the general wedding planning, you’ll need to find your dream wedding dress.

You also need to consider your beauty look. This will include hair, makeup and nails. We’ve already looked at some of our favorite makeup looks for brides. Natural styling is key to looking great on your wedding day, and this is a trend continued for nails.

Choosing the right nail look or nail art will depend on your wedding theme and dress. If you’re wearing a very embellished dress or statement gown, you’ll want simple nails. If your dress is minimal in style, striking nail art can add a unique twist to your bridal look.

You may also want to add a color to your nails that matches your bouquet or has personal significance. This could be a color that calls to mind a memory or special occasion. It could also simply be your husband-to-be’s favorite shade.

Today we’re looking at some of the best nail ideas for brides-to-be.



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The Most Breathtaking Couture Wedding Dresses for 2019

Posted: 10th April 2017

Congratulations on your engagement! You’re preparing to walk down the aisle. A key part of any bride’s preparation is picking her wedding dress for her big day.

There are endless options for bridal wear, and today we’re looking at couture designs. Why? because couture is a cut above the rest – with intricate details, luxurious fabrics and unique design. Couture dresses are as fashion-forward as you can get!

Perfect for a modern wedding, these designs take the traditional white wedding dress and spin it on its head. They give it a fresh update with skilled craftsmanship and the highest standard of excellence.

Couture dresses are a perfect fit for a wedding day. You want to look your absolute best and deserve to have a dress that makes you feel beautiful. These designs are fashion-forward but still have an element of the classic wedding dress style. You will look like a modern, stylish and elegant bride.


Silver Open Back Long Beaded Dress 27460

A seamless nude underlay forms the beautiful foundation for this glamorous floor-length sleeveless dress.



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Beautiful Modern Wedding Dresses for 2019

Posted: 20th March 2017


Choosing the perfect wedding dress is a huge moment for any bride. Fusing modern design techniques with traditional touches, these 2017 designer wedding dresses will make narrowing down your final choice so much easier.

These breathtaking dresses have their own personality, with many different notable and elegant features that make them unique. We want to make your modern wedding dress search a little bit easier. We’ve selected our top picks that are beautiful and fashion-forward.

These wedding dresses vary in style but all have a modern feel that mixes in current dress trends.

Off White Plunging Neckline Mermaid Satin Bridal Gown 33772

This simple satin design is the perfect choice for lovers of refined minimalism. You may not be a huge fan of lace or fancy embellishments. In that case, you’ll love how un-fussy and sophisticated this dress is.

Without so much detailing, it places focus on the modern design itself – which is just gorgeous. Narrow straps, a plunging v-neck (with sheer insert for support) and a figure-hugging skirt. The skirt half turns into a flared mermaid tail at the end,



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Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses to Covet

Posted: 6th January 2017

There are endless options when it comes to selecting a wedding dress. Making that final call can seem daunting, Sometimes you just know when you’ve found ‘the one.’

Thanks to the fabulous designs included in our 2017 bridal collection, we have a feeling that lots of brides are going to be finding ‘the one’ very soon.

Demand for particular wedding dress styles are frequently influenced by what is currently being seen on the high fashion runways. Designers take their inspirations from the catwalk. They also look to celebrity wedding dresses, which create a whole new demand for certain styles.

Today we’re taking a look at the current trend for long sleeve wedding dresses. That includes why it’s becoming more common to cover up your arms on your big day. There are plenty of reasons why brides are coveting this covered-up look.

You may have the image of a strapless white gown in your head as the gold standard. However, there is a plethora of interesting designs options to consider on this special occasion.

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

One of the big reasons why long sleeve wedding dresses regained popularity was because of the royal wedding back in 2011.



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