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A Guide for Choosing Alternative Wedding Dresses

Posted: 21st October 2019

It’s the moment you’ve been dreaming of. The man of your dreams has finally popped the question – congratulations! Now you’re sporting a gorgeous engagement ring, and it’s time to plan the wedding. After choosing a vision for the big day, you’ve chosen a venue.

Now it’s time for possibly the most fun and fabulous of all your wedding planning decisions. it’s time to say yes to the perfect dress. But which dress to choose?

For the past few decades, wedding dresses have had a similar look and feel. The fabric is a heavy formal fabric. They are usually in a traditional silhouette.

Traditional wedding dresses also usually consist of the following characteristics. They are white, simple, floor-length, and are quite often a ballgown or mermaid shape strapless dress. But what if the traditional look simply isn’t your style?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Jovani has plenty of stunning styles that have traditional elements. However, we also specialize in designing unique, stunning, and out of the box styles. These are perfect for a bride seeking an alternative wedding dress.

We want to make sure every bride finds ‘the one’



Wedding Dresses

How to Choose a Non-Traditional, Alternative Wedding Dress

Posted: 16th October 2019

Weddings are no longer a cookie-cutter style that every woman simply repeats. These days, the type of wedding you pick is completely adaptable to your personality, lifestyle, taste, budget, etc. There is no wrong or right way to say ‘I Do’, only what fits you best!

One of the biggest bridal trends in recent years is a move away from the full-on formal wedding. These are typically expensive, over-fussy and can even lack intimacy. More brides want to design a customized wedding that is more personal, original and memorable.

This means crafting a unique experience for the wedding guest which can extend to the location or destination, type of food, and facilities available. The wedding itself may be scheduled differently to suit the couple or without the traditional timetable.

As well as a change in how weddings are happening, the whole world of bridal fashion is evolving to better cater to these modern brides who want to stand out. Not every woman wants a big puffy white wedding dress and sometimes an alternative non-traditional dress makes much more sense.

For example, if you plan to tie the knot at your local town hall,



Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses Through History

Posted: 13th October 2019

Wedding dresses were always something more than just the bride’s clothing on her wedding day. In the past, the wedding gown represented the social status of the marrying couple. Today, the bride-to-be’s dress is a reflection of her preferences and personality.

Over the centuries bridal fashion changed in various ways. What remained unchanged is that wedding dresses are still the most important and discussed part of weddings. What a bride decides to wear can set the tone and style of the wedding itself. It also shows off her own taste and fashion sense.

The wedding dress is the message

Let’s start our journey across the history of bridal fashion with the times when wedding dresses were a show of status. In the past, wedding ceremonies used to be based on politics and social climbing rather than love. The dress of the bride-to-be was a direct relation to her family’s social standing and wealth.

Brides from prosperous families would wear bridal dresses made of bold colors. These gowns had layers of rich furs, velvets, and silks. The brides who were not as wealthy would wear their best church clothes as wedding dresses.



Wedding Dresses

Tips for Choosing Your Dream Wedding Dress for Your Big Day

Posted: 10th October 2019


Shopping for a wedding dress with your close friends and family members has to be one of the best experiences. You deserve to be pampered and to ultimately find your dream bridal gown. It’s all a part of the whole wedding build-up and creates memories with your gal pals that you’ll cherish forever.

There are only a few occasions in a girl’s life as memorable as her wedding day. That includes selecting her dream wedding dress. For the bride, it’s her day to shine as the center of the action.

Jovani is drawing on the feedback of its über fashion-conscious fan base. We want to position you, the bride, front and center. Our goal is to make your dreams come true.

At Jovani, we understand that not all brides have supermodel figures. Not all women marry in their late teens or early twenties. Nor, for growing numbers, is their upcoming wedding day their first.

With so many factors affecting the big day, it would be amiss of us to create dresses for just one type of woman. So we don’t; our wedding dresses cater to all brides,



Wedding Dresses

Gorgeous Wedding Dresses With Long Sleeves For Every Bride

Posted: 7th August 2019

Long sleeve wedding dresses are a great choice for many reasons. Some brides may feel more comfortable with their arms covered, or simply like the extra stylish detail a sleeve can provide. Wedding dresses with long sleeves are also a must-have option for weddings taking place in colder months such as Fall or Winter.

No matter what reason you want to find a dress with long sleeves for your big day, rest assured that there is the perfect one for you. From sheer sleeves to beaded and flared or batwing options, sleeves simply add extra personality and design to your final bridal look.

To help you choose, we’ve selected 5 diverse long sleeve wedding dresses with something to match every bride’s style and her personal taste. Get browsing and importantly, go try on your favorite to see how it fits!

Off White Embellished Bodice Long Sleeve Wedding Dress 60325

Elegant yet fashion-forward, this off-white gown mixes a classic bridal look with a few daring twists. The entire bodice and sleeves are sheer, with nude bra cups to make it easy to wear. The bodice also features beautiful beaded and embroidered detailing that sparkles and adds depth to the dress.



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