8 Ways to Watch Your Weight & Boost Your Health Before Prom


Prom season is almost here and many prom goers may be wondering how to look their best for their prom night. It’s easy to want to make some big changes on the lead-up to this big occasion, but making some smart diet and fitness choices is all that is necessary. Focus on maintaining your weight so you still fit into your chosen prom dress is important.

A few small lifestyle changes can help you look amazing. Plan these a few months in advance so you have time to implement them and see great results. Our 8 tips are simple, easy ways to watch your weight and boost your health before prom. This includes working out to tone up your body, so your shape is at its best.

It’s also all about a healthy diet. You don’t need to watch every single calorie you consume, but trying out a low fat diet that is high in fruits and vegetables is a great idea. This will give you the macro nutrients to insure your skin will look so healthy for prom.

You shouldn’t worry about your size. Instead, think about your confidence and health! You should represent the best version of yourself and really shine in that all-important prom dress.





8 Diet & Health Tips for PromĀ 

Use Fitness/Diet Apps

There are so many popular free fitness and diet apps out there that will help you set a daily calorie intake or fitness goal. Signing up for one will help you keep your prom goal in check, giving you a better idea of your progress and are adjustable should you want to make any changes.

Set a realistic, health-based goal and start with plenty of time before your prom, if possible, at least 2 months before. You don’t want to put too much pressure on yourself – and you should simply want to look your best for your big night, not drop a dramatic amount of weight. Place an emphasis on toning up, bringing out that glow in your skin and looking fabulous.

Make a Diet Plan

Your diet doesn’t just affect your weight, but also how you look. A healthy diet will make you look gorgeous and it always shows on the outside, as well as boosting your overall energy levels.

Choose to eat low fat, healthy foods. Be careful, as many ‘healthy’ alternatives can still be high in calories. Use your fitness app to keep everything balanced and in check. Choose meals that include protein, lots of fruit and vegetables and some whole grains.

You can always choose a cheat day or allow yourself some treats in between, but making some small changes will result in a big difference over time.

Watch Your Calories

Calories can be deceptive and portion control is key. Just because something has a high calorie value, it doesn’t mean you should avoid it, as many healthy foods can be high in fat such as nuts and avocado. Consume these foods in moderation but don’t dismiss them as high calorie as they offer many health benefits. Nuts make a great healthy snack, just choose nuts that aren’t salted or fried and choose to eat a small portion.

Drink Healthy Juices

Juices and smoothies offer you a quick way to boost your macro nutrients, but be careful – they are surprisingly high in sugar/calories in some cases, especially when store bought. A juice can make for a delicious part of your breakfast and is a great way to start the day. Look up some juice recipes and experiment with different flavors. Vegetable based juices such as green juice (spinach, cucumber, apple) are one popular option. You can also try a fresh citrus juice made from orange and grapefruit. These contain essential vitamins that will boost your skin and give you a beautiful complexion for your prom night.


Workout to Tone Up

Plan your workouts! Target the areas of your body that you want to tone up. Create your own customized workout plan and stick to it. Choose how many days of the week you need to work out in order to see some results.

If you need some motivation or tutorials, check Youtube for videos you can follow along easily. There are also many blogs that can guide you through the exercises and some basic toning work will make a big difference to how you look.

Drink Water

Don’t forget to drink water! This can help you to detoxify your system and is vital if you’re working out too. There are handy apps that remind you to drink water, or you can simply keep a bottle with you at all times.

If you don’t like the flavor of plain water, spruce it up with some lemon and lime slices. This adds some extra vitamins and flavor, creating a refreshing drink that will encourage you to drink enough water every day.

Check the Fit of Your Dress

Remember – you want to be able to fit into your dress perfectly. Do not buy a dress that is too small under any circumstances, you should not plan to lose weight before prom, but simply maintain it and fit your prom dress well. Toning up will boost your shape nicely but your goal is to look beautiful in your chosen outfit, not to have to buy a whole new one.

While sticking to your diet and fitness regime, try on your dress every now and then. Make sure it still fits you and looks great. You want to make sure it is comfortable and snug on every curve, not too loose or too tight!

Don’t Go Extreme

It’s important to remember that while your prom night is a big milestone in your life, it shouldn’t be something that you go to extreme lengths for. Make sure your goals are realistic, healthy and not too extreme. You should be aiming to tone up your body and make the most of your current shape. You should also focus onĀ having a healthy, glowing complexion with great skin. You should not plan a dramatic weight loss regime before prom or try out a new, very extreme diet. Place an emphasis on health and beauty without pushing yourself to extreme measures.