Sequins monopolize all the looks during prom dresses season

The time has come to anticipate the near future. Let’s abandon the trends of autumn-winter 2018 to look at what is already beginning to become a trend among the youngest. We fix our eyes on something that shines, that screams “party,” that gives light and chic elegance everywhere … but that also can fit for all kinds of occasions. Yes, let’s take a look at the sequins.


The ultimate style “must”

The list of firms that decorate their 2019 spring-summer outfits with sequins of infinite colors is so long that we wouldn’t have enough space here to name them all. While the new collections are beginning to populate the stores of our cities and the entire planet, while we all continue in light dresses enjoying the summer, we have been able to notice the presence of sequins.

Gone is the conception that in summer and spring the classic colors reign, while the most striking and brilliant must be left for a “crazy photoshoot.” The best proof of them is the sequined prom dresses that have already conquered the main stores around the world since the Fashion Weeks.

The truth is that for several seasons this type of garments has managed to capture the essence of style for many designers, who see in sequins the perfect occasion to get a bold touch traditionally cuts of clothing classics such as graduation gown.

Firms such as Jovani have opted for this type of garment for their collections: dresses, which move away from the adult nightclub scene, an environment where sequins were previously restricted, and have managed to bring this type of fabric to the prom party, for a salon, gym or outdoors under the stars.

The sequin patterns are in the most vibrant colors and even for some geometric designs to vary from the typical princess prom dresses – all this with the twist of sophistication young fashionistas aspire every year.


The favorite cuts and patterns

On the catwalk of a lavish party hall in New York City, decorated with original details and gigantic chandeliers, wrapped in music, the contestants of the “Prom Face” paraded wearing the dresses of a fresh and surprising collection of prom dresses. The latest collection of the New York firm was, in general, exceptional; opulent as the occasion for which it is intended but also with its belonging touch of innocence, worthy for the girls who will wear them.

The response of social networks was immediate. And if there is a type of prom dress that always seems to mold itself perfectly to the youthful spirit, that is the one that shows a little skin. It is about the two pieces sets, represented in most novelties with midi-skirts and tops.

This trend is not original in itself since it had a great reception last year and even Jovani included in its website a unique section for such proposals, that is to say, those formed by an upper and lower garment of the same fabric and tonality.

However, until this season it had not gained strength in the closet of the graduates, except for a new take on the jumpsuit, two-piece garments that fall into another category. They are an alternative to the dress and a different option to the jumpsuit or trouser suit, but shares a significant advantage with these designs and is that, being creations with the same pattern and color, they are very easy to combine with flashy accessories an , depending on the proposal, don’t require too many add-ons.

On the other hand, it’s fair to say that this trend partially revealing the abdomen area is a detail that is far from previous collections launched by the fashion house since there were usually two-piece designs but always resembling a typical dress, as the cut between upper and lower was never distinguishable.

That means that if Jovani has been your trusted design house during the past few years of prom, this year you can count on daring models that translate your developing vision of fashion. In other cases, the shyer girls are opting to purchase more conservative fittings consisting of a long top and a high-waisted skirt that stretches – in order to feel more confident.


The best alternatives

A bet that will especially favor girls who seek to visually lengthen their legs or those who seek to soften their curves – also available in this line are the fluid silhouettes. On the other hand, if you have a straight shape, the alternative that best fits your body type is the A-cut dresses, which always provide a curvier aspect; or pencil-type skirts that subtly highlight the natural curves.

If the creations that leave the air part of the abdomen don’t fit with your profile, there are many other versions of classic appearance that will allow you to adapt the trend to your style. For example, the traditional and straight look proposed by another section of the prom dresses collection by Jovani, has remained faithful to a vintage and elegant aesthetic, these are simple creations, with few details but that play with the traditional elements, such as be the buttons and the round neck, to give a different look to the styling.

To succeed at your prom party without resorting to the usual options, succumb to the trend of the moment and find the alternative that best suits you. Also, you can recycle each of the garments, together or separately, in other sets beyond your graduation look.


Other revelations of the season

Julie DuRocher, design director of the New York fashion house also opted for wrap dresses, a style that debuted 40 years ago in the fashion market and has come to stay. The team presented long-sleeved dresses, shorter in front on the knee and cinched at the waist with a belt, an element that is repeated in other pieces as well as the spaghetti-type straps. Her proposal of the surrounding dress is that of a piece that can be worn both as a prom party and as a wedding and will always look elegant.

Likewise, the 2019 collection includes short metallic dresses fitted to the body, to take to a party with a big city theme, typical of the season, with an opening on one side and spaghetti straps.


Say goodbye to adolescence with pure glam

Accessible glamor is the theme under which the brand presented this collection at the beginning of the year, with mastery of gold, bronze, lilac, and black. According to the website of Jovani, in this case, the glamour is about the attitude that the woman feels with what she is wearing.

In the words of the designer, accessible glamor is when a senior-year girl is eager to attend what will be her last party as a teenager and wants to look beautiful, exotic and elegant. The purpose of the collection is to pay tribute to that moment in life by offering the girls the possibility to achieve their greatest dreams of style. Additionally, the Jovani team aims to be crowned as an alternative designed for all types of bodies in which they reject the beauty limits imposed by other major brands.

As you can see, you don’t have to be a diva on the catwalk to feel like one. You can be a regular girl and own the innate glamour that will make you as look good as you want to dress. That is the inspiration for the prom season 2019.

We hope you have enjoyed this quick look at our Jovani prom dresses collection. We are eternally grateful for the fantastic collaboration we’ve made with the Fashion Corner team, allowing us to reach such a united and beautiful community.

We also want to take the opportunity to invite you to go to our page and observe the rest of our proposal and find out about our programs and promotions.


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