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At Jovani we have from prom, evening, cocktail, contemporary,  wedding to homecoming dresses for all body types. You’ll find flattering prom dresses, V-neck dresses, and even plus size or lace dresses. The best choice for teenagers looking for a dress that makes them feel like fairy tales princesses.  Making dreams come true to a variety of body types: Rectangular, triangular, hourglass-shaped, inverted triangle shaped, and curvy-shaped, each needs a particular cut. The best attributes highlight your curves and hide the less favorable.

If you are looking for comfort, quality, and a unique design, you have come to the right place; our designers are always making innovations with the most delightful fabrics to dress any figure. At a minimum, you will want to make sure you have a prom dress you feel wildly confident in, this body type guide to help show off only your best features.

Fall in love with the shape of you.

Triangular figure: If you have narrow shoulders and wide hips a V Neck Prom Dress will suit you well boosting the upper part of your body with a straight cut.

Curvy shape: If you have less of a waist than other girls with more volume in the abdominal area, one of our ball gowns is perfect for you having some flight at the bottom.

Rectangular figure: Most models have this type of figure, shoulders aligned proportionally to your hips, if you have a rectangular body you need a prom dress that gives you the illusion of a curvy silhouette, a mermaid prom dress will do you just fine.

Hourglass shape: Having an hourglass figure doesn’t mean you are either fat or thin, you have the waist, hips and proportional bust. Any of our dresses with a neckline framing your waist will do the trick.

Inverted triangle figure: This body shape has broad shoulders compared to the waist and hip, the opposite of the triangle figure. Long prom dresses will have a discrete part above the waist.


Choose a prom dress by body type


Tips To Avoid A Wrong Dress

Triangular: Dresses with too much volume on the hips or below the waist.

Curvy: Designs with details at the hips or dresses like drapes in the middle area.

Rectangular: Dresses without form, way too straight.

Hourglass: Those who do not frame your body, in the style of the tunics.

Inverted Triangle: Those with thin straps and a little volume in the skirt area. The shoulder pads will not do anything for your figure either.


Choose a prom dress by body type


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