Points To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Ideal Dress For Prom

If you are one of the girls who conclude their senior year soon, surely you must be on our website looking with emotion and even with indecision all the categories of dream prom dresses that we have prepared for you. If you want to look spectacular in your prom party, but you still have no idea which dresses to choose we are here to help you out.

Young girls today are very aware of fashion trends, what celebrities and avant-garde designs wear. That is why the most important thing when choosing the dress for your prom party or any other festive event after it, is to take into account these essential points that facilitate the task and allow the best choice:

Many girls tend to choose dresses according to the type of personality they have (classic, bohemian, glamorous, fashionista, vintage, rock, etc.) The dresses of the 2020 collection of Jovani have a dress that reflects each of these different personalities, helping your style for what it is, that fits the shape of the body and give you the comfort and confidence you need. Also, with the best ideal tendencies that will allow you to shine on the night of the unique party of your senior year.

1. Short dresses in ‘A’ cut

Some short prom dresses are designed in what is mostly known as a princess or “A” cut, are one of the popular trends for this season. They are gorgeous and one of the best choices for girls who do not want to wear a long dress to the party; as well as those who like solid pieces, which can be used as a daily look like the Gray Silver Sheer Beaded Open Back Prom Dress 171100, you will wear it again.

2. Metallic colors and glitter decorations

As the ‘prom’ party is a special moment in every teen’s life, the dresses made with textiles made out of or metallic tones, or with sequins and ornaments, are present in this year’s trend in the range of bronze, gold and silver tones.

The Silver High Neck Embellished Mermaid Prom Dress 59872 came mostly long, with the elegant mermaid silhouette and a side opening that comes from the middle of one of the legs.

The dresses that shine with accents of sequins and textures that focus on highlighting the silhouette have complementary striking designs and colors. Apart from that, they are easy to combine with the most beautiful metallic accessories that are fashionable and with heels of similar colors.

3. Transparencies and lace designs

Transparent and lace designs are one of the dresses of the Jovani 2018 collection that girls have chosen more predominantly this season.

The transparencies are used as accents and decoration in the dresses, as they subtly reveal specific strategic parts of the body without showing too much. They are feminine and sexy at the same time.

The dresses in lace fabrics are also in highly used just as The Midnight Lace Fitted Long Sleeve Evening Dress 39503 is a sexy, chic, and even vintage style that superstars have applied to their prom parties.

4. Floral print dresses

The floral prints are one of the dominant trends in girls clothing of this spectacular season and this year are also reflected in the prom party dresses.

Mostly, they are made of dark background textiles and large flowers in bright and cheerful colors, which reflect an extroverted personality in the girls who wear them. These floral dresses came long, mid-calf or flush with the knee such as the Navy Floral Beaded Low V Neck Prom Dress 61086.

5. Two piece dresses

The two-piece dresses are one of the significant trends of this year for the prom nights.

They are preferred by avant-garde girls who like to show their figure, since, usually, they emphasize the waist showing a little skin because they are made with a short tight top and a large circular skirt that reaches the floor.

These two-piece suits are also the favorite of those looking for a more youthful, modern, fun and eye-catching look like the Ivory and Nude Lace Two Piece Dress 55241.

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