If You Want To Wear A Yellow Prom Dress, Here is How To Do It

You want to wear a yellow dress for your prom party, but you have no idea how to combine it? At Jovani we will show you that it is possible to create a prom queen look with a yellow dress with a more romantic touch or an elegant approach; Choose the style that you like the best and learn to get the most out of your yellow prom dress.

It is such a striking color that it can be somewhat challenging to find the perfect match with which to combine it, so, we will tell you some tips that will show you how to combine your yellow prom dress in a sophisticated, jovial or daring way you prefer!

No better color reminds us that summer is just around the corner and that we have to wait for it happily like yellow. This color represents that for all circumstances we must wait to see the light at the end of the tunnel enjoying the sporadic darkness because as in everything, even in the worst situations, you have to learn to have a good time and we will teach you all the fun ways you can combine this color in your prom night.

With pastel colors

One of the most feminine combinations you can give to your yellow prom dress is with pastel-colored fabrics, for example, combining the yellow dress with pink garments will give a romantic and fantasy touch to your look, perfect if you are a lover of these pastel colors. Also, if you want to provide a more modern and contemporary look to the wardrobe, you can combine this garment with a perfect denim jacket.

With camel colors

To know how to combine a yellow dress prom, you must take into account that, given the brilliance of the color, it will combine perfectly with other garments that reduce the luminosity a little and neutralize the tone. Therefore, combining your yellow dress with camel colored garments is a perfect idea to counteract your look and ally yourself with a current fashion trend.

With fluorine colors

Another of the fashion trends that arise to combine a yellow dress is to do it with clothes of colors fluorine, that is to say, garments showy, showy and of cheerful colors that will give to your look a jovial and amusing aspect.

Dare to combine your yellow dress with purple shoes or a fuchsia handbag: although it seems a somewhat dangerous combination, the result is spectacular and, above all, very fashionable.

Black is always safe

One of the combinations that can not be missing for a yellow dress is to do with black garments as this color will counteract the brightness of the dress and will create an ideal look to go to a dinner or a party at night.

Yes, use elegant accessories and clothing to appear at the party in a beautiful and sophisticated way. A tip: dress with a black blazer and matching a perfect handbag for the night.

With floral prints

You can get a romantic and very feminine look by combining a yellow dress with floral print garments, as long as the dress is entirely smooth. For example, you can choose to wear a floral knit sweater, as shown in the photograph, or a floral scarf around the neck.

You can also choose to accompany your yellow dress with a sweater of flowers that will give a more youthful look to your look.

Choose the right accessories

First, we have to identify how we can use this tool in our body. That is, what do we want to rescue or highlight in our body? If we do not dare to use this color and we want to go slowly, I recommend that you start using this color for accessories. A purse, a backpack, some shoes, a strap. Anything goes. The thing is to try if you like it. You do not even have to buy that accessory. Inquire before making a purchase. Look for inspirations like the ones I leave here for you to see if it convinces you or not.

Shoes for a yellow dress

The tones that best match a yellow dress are those that reduce a little the brightness of the color. Therefore, nude or gold shoes fit perfectly with these garments. Also, blacks or browns are a good option to combine a yellow dress.

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