How To Wear Transparencies With Casual Clothing And Prom Dresses

For formal events, evenings and parties, the transparencies combined with the lace details can give you an exquisite and daring look; as long as you know how to carry them. What narrow line divides the sexy from the exaggerated? In this article, we will tell all you need to know about how to wear transparencies with casual clothing and prom dresses.


Achieve the ultimate look


Transparencies are one of the trends that provide more fashion options because they make room for styles like the elegant, sexy or informal. By applying your fashion sense, you will be able to look like a supermodel on the runway; it sounds easy, but it’s more complicated than it seems. However, the good news is that after this article it will turn into an easy task; These are the golden rules of transparencies:


  • Carefully select your lingerie. You can go for the hidden option with seamless flesh-colored underwear, or if you want to add some prominence choose a model of the same color as the lace. The transparent blouses look great when loose; putting on a top or tank top underneath, with a blazer or an open jacket above can also be ideal.
  • Invisible trick. For very bold transparencies and large necklines that don’t support a bra, one option is to sew a flesh-colored inner lining; it will look like your second skin. In case it’s the date of your graduation, you can choose prom dresses from lines like Jovani since their transparencies come with this quality, so you can wear a body without worrying about anything else.
  • Highlights in the best areas. Keep in mind that the transparency will give prominence to that part of your body you want to accentuate. For example, the transparencies in the back, neck area alongisde arms, or skirt function as a highlight for those areas over other. Choose them intelligently the divert attention on what you consider are physique strengths. I.e., if you have a few extra pounds or wide hips, pick an outfit that ncludes transparencies in the top part, like the neck.
  • Take control. For the fit models with transparencies and non-woven fabrics, don’t hesitate to use the girdles (high panties, body, mini dress, with pants, etc.) of flesh color that will shape your silhouette. Always remember that transparencies don’t lie, and an adjusted model can be too provocative, especially when it comes to your school dress code. If you want it not to be excessive choose a sophisticated and dark color that stylize your figure.
  • There’s no need to exgerate The outfits most suited to your personality, over any other options, are the best and the most elegant. Combine them with some eye-catching accessory such as, in this case, the transparencies that will make your clothes something different and sophisticated. However, guide yourself by the fashion trends of the moment so that you can feel beautiful among the rest of the attendees.
  • Create a balance. In the case of prom dresses or gowns for daring and confident girls, the sexiest and glamorous alternative is the current fashion of using a bra of the same color under the transparent garment. If you have long hair don’t fix it up, so you can play strategically covering the bra and achieve a roguish appearance without being extra; It is suggestive enough at the same time that fashionista, and a perfect match to the current fashion trends.
  • The styles. For more formal acts, there’s nothing like going for braids or side pigtails. With them, it is better to use lace, which gives formality to the look and is much more elegant. The prom dresses with pencil skirts are perfect for completing the vibe, while black or nude are the big bets for a night outfit.
  • The accessories. If you and your friends decide to choose Jovani prom dresses, can complement it with accessories in black, silver or gold. In the end, you should go with something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.


We hope that these pieces of advice were beneficial and the next time you will be able to rock transparent clothing. Feel free to investigate more or check out the trends of Jovani 2019 collection.


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