How To Know What Type Of Prom Dresses Are For You

If there’s an event you will never forget, that is your graduation. You and your friends have talked about what to wear, but you still don’t get to decide. Short or long, with sparkles or without them. Maybe a black dress to stylize your figure, there are too many options. For this selection to not be so complicated and you end up captivating during that particular night -that will also be immortalized in many photographs-, we will give you some advice, as well as tell you about the trends of the moment.

The first thing you should keep in mind if it’s only about the graduation ceremony, you can perfectly go for semi-formal prom dresses, without missing a glance of sophistication. If the big party is held that same night, then the design must be much more elegant. In general, your decision plus the choice of accessories (very important too) will be mainly based on this last option; that’s why we have based our research in the latest collection of prom dresses 2019 launched by Jovani. These are the styles you can use:


Romantic Fairy Tale


If you are dreamy and ultra feminine, you will thank heaven that this trend has reached you. The high fashion designers of Jovani have utilized fabrics such as tulle, gauze, organza and even satin to create high couture. In the light type of dresses, what counts and what makes them unique are the details, since the cuts are usually minimalist.


You can also take advantage of the lightness of the fabrics to look completely ethereal. In this case, what we recommend is that if you are avoiding to add volume to your figure, opt for another type of cut. On the other hand, the flare and light fabrics can look spectacular for a gala party giving you a lot of movement. Pastel colors can be ideal for you to look fresh and natural, but in print, they are also captivating.


Sparkles with satin dresses


If the event is limited to the ceremony, a dress with a satin fabric but a simple bodice will be just perfect and extremely elegant. Choose a particular color like emerald green, aquamarine or even a blush.


In Jovani they have put the satin fabrics in the first place of their collection. In an example, a short dress in a wine tone could work correctly for a prom. But if you want to leave everyone in the room with their jaws dropped, your choice can be a long one in the siren cut. Feminine and glamorous at its best! The pleated or draped at the waist helps disguise a few extra pounds. You can have sconces of glitter or sequins.


Forever trendy lace


Fitted or loose, the lace is a piece of fabric that is made to highlight the curves and comes back strongly for evening dresses. Black, white, or as we previously stated, the blush, are the favorite colors for this material because it is utterly charming and super juvenile.

The ultimate rules to choose the perfect design


  1. Define your ideas clearly, and you will see how to optimize your time and control your mood. If your body is pear-shaped (with wide hips), the best are tight tops or dresses with princess cut that also have flight.
  2. If your figure is too thin, you will need to create an illusion of curves. Choose a model with the marked bust that grows in flare from the waist, or opt for a tight, one with pronounced V neckline; this way you will simulate having a more cinched waist.
  3. If you have a large size of bra, it is best to use necklines with strips around the neck, to hold you and draw a lineup. Avoid the strapless, which will be uncomfortable.
  4. If you are short, bet on an asymmetrical hem, ideally with flights or gauze, and encourage yourself to show some leg. Don’t pick long dresses, unless they have a stamp with stylized motifs.
  5. If yours is an apple shape (with rounded abdomen), the ideal is a princess cut, to draw attention from the waist; and, if your legs are slender, you can also bet on a short model.

Choosing the right prom dress for you


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