How To Pick Jewelry For Prom

Nazy Rafaeil

Prom night is arriving! After you have found the perfect prom dress, now its time to enhance your outfit with the most beautiful jewelry. Choosing the right accessories usually, make or break your appearance depending on how you decide to combine them. They rely on making the proper emphasis to your dress, keep it simple and delicate, we know how hard it is to pick the best jewelry for the type of neckline you choose. Also, wearing too much is also not a great idea so we are here to help you with a few tips on how to accessorize your prom dress so you can be the queen of the night.

Bracelets: If you are opting to add your prom dress with bracelets, it is best to go with sleeveless dresses, remember the more delicate the dress, the simpler the bracelet. Also, if you are going to wear rings make sure they match out. When choosing a bracelet, there can be many models, colors, and textures, pick one that balances out your outfit and respecting the color always looking for the right harmony among all the elements.

Earrings: After you pick the hairstyle you are going to be wearing you can focus on what earrings suit you best and your prom dress. Choose smaller earrings if you want to have a delicate look, but, if you have a strapless design and have subtle details on the dress go for large and sparkling earrings.

how to pick the right jewelry for your prom dress

Make sure that the earings you pick will highlight themselves, depending on the hairstyle, dress, and clutch, choose colors that compliment each other so that they won’t be too distracting, remember the dress is the central part of your outfit, and you need to balance it out.

Necklaces: You either choose delicate short accessories or go with large collars, there is an excellent variety of glamour and delicate designs, as for the colors: pearls, gold, and silver are always a top choice although the choices are endless.

To know what combinations suit best your type of dress, always rely on the size and length of the necklace. Strapless prom dresses go well with glitzy necklaces; deeper neckline dresses work best with longer necklaces as they improve the lining of the gown, while short ones boost the higher neckline dresses.

Make sure always to pay attention to the pattern, cut and details of your gown to choose the best necklace for it. If you have many decorations on your dress, maybe you don´t need a necklace at all, and other accessories will make the prom dress shine on its own.

how to pick the right jewelry for your prom dress

Rings: When attending prom night, a ring is always a must as long is a delicate design and that it doesn’t take too much attention at all. The mayor standard when choosing a ring is to maintain harmony between your dress and all other accessories you choose, no matter if you go for sparkles, double rings, make sure you keep it simple to look as chic as ever.


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