Stay in Style: Prom Dress Trends in 2022 Guide & How to Find the Right Prom Dress

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Prom Dress Trends in 2022: How to Stay in Style 

Many people ask us how can I find the right prom dress?  Lets look at the options

It’s that time of year again when your thoughts turn to the impending prom. You may be wondering what the trends will be for prom dresses in 2022 and how you can stay in style. Well, look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss all of the latest trends in prom dresses and provide tips on how to find the right one for you. You’ve waited the whole school year for this night. Now it is time to dress up and dance the night away with your friends. The components of a perfect prom night involve a lot of things: the people, makeup, hair, location, and, of course, the dress

It’s that time of year again when your thoughts turn to the impending prom. You may be wondering what the trends will be for prom dresses in 2022 and how you can stay in style. Well, look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss all of the latest trends in prom dresses and provide tips on how to find the right one for you.
The fashion trends of today come from a variety of sources, including social media and celebrities. The newest style is determined by what’s “cool” or trendy among young people on the street as well as those who follow them online via blogs and websites like Tumblr. Social Media influencers have grown in popularity with their ability not only to show off clothes they happen to be wearing but also to provide reviews for products made just for them – meaning you can shop smarter!

When it comes to prom dresses, you’ll want to look for styles that are popular right now. This could mean anything from sleek and minimalist designs to full-on glamour gowns. You may also want to consider picking a style that is unique or different from what everyone else will be wearing. After all, the whole point of prom is to stand out and look your best!

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The 2022 fashion scene was all about coming back to reality. With the rise of TikTok and other social media platforms, people were craving more natural-looking clothes that didn’t need any filters or fancy effects in order for them to be interesting-looking; just their own self-expression!


Top Trends in Prom Dresses for 2022


Having the perfect prom dress is essential for a night you’ll want to look back on years down the road. From the puffy sleeves and bright colors of the ‘80s to the glitz and glam of today, prom dress trends have changed year to year. For 2022, here are the top prom dress trends:

BallGowns & A-Line Dresses

Ballgowns continue to be popular for proms, with flowing skirts and fitted bodices.


What are some of the top trends in ballgowns for proms in 2022?

Some of the top trends in ballgowns for proms in 2022 include flowing skirts and fitted bodices. Additionally, many prom-goers are choosing bold colors and unique designs for their gowns. And finally, layers and ruffles are still popular details on ballgowns for proms.


What do you need to know before purchasing a ballgown for your prom?

When selecting a ballgown, it is important to consider the neckline, waistline, and skirt style. You should also make sure that the dress fits well and is comfortable to wear. Additionally, be sure to choose a color or print that makes you feel confident and beautiful.


Where can you find stylish and affordable ball gowns for prom?

Many retailers offer designer ballgowns at discounted prices. Check online retailers as well as brick-and-mortar stores like Couture Candu. Be sure to take advantage of sales and discounts when shopping for your perfect prom gown.


Red Ballgown

Glitter Dress


Glitter & Beaded Dress

It’s a beautiful dress with sparkles! What could be more magnificent? Who doesn’t love the glamorous feel of a glitzy dress?

When it comes to prom dresses, you can never go wrong with glitter and beads. These two elements add instant glamour and style to any dress. The List will be here before long so get ready by checking our site right away- because these dresses sell fast!!

Jovani 04998 Blue High Low Glitter Prom Dress

Open Back Glitter Jovani Prom Ballgown 4198

Jovani 08153 Yellow Glitter High Slit Prom Dress

Jovani 05838 Red Embellished Off the Shoulder Prom Dress

Jovani 06276

Embellished Sexy Jovani Prom Dress 3945

If you’re looking for a dress that will make you feel like a prom queen, look for one with glitter and beading. You can find these details on all kinds of dresses, from ball gowns to mermaid cuts. Beading is also huge in 2022, so look for a dress with intricate beading designs.


We love a metallic look for prom, and in shades of gold and silver, these dresses are sure to turn heads. Shiny vinyl clothes with the magic dust applied for an extra touch!

blue prom dress
blue prom dress

Two Piece Dress

If you’re looking for a dress that will show off your curves in all of their glory, then this is a perfect style. This type of two-piece prom gown features an elegant design with flowing lace and gorgeous floral patterns against deep red tones to create a sexy yet feminine look. We recommend pairing a two-piece dress with statement jewelry, like a chunky necklace or long earrings. This will help to complete the look and make you stand out from the crowd.
Red Two Piece Dress
Red Two Piece Dress
08471 Two Piece Dress
08471 Two Piece Dress

Sheer & Illusion Dress

Delight in the magic of an illusion dress! These breathtaking dresses create a unique and captivating look, thanks to sheer inserts, daring cutouts, and matching sheer underlay. Whether you choose a floating effect or a nude look that matches your skin tone, you’re sure to turn heads wherever you go.
Make a statement at your next event in this dazzling Sheer & Illusion Dress. The sparkling crystals and intricate details will make you stand out from the crowd, while the short cocktail style is perfect for parties and nights on the town. You’ll love the way you look and feel in this show-stopping dress!
This dress is perfect for making a statement! With its sheer overlay and illusion neckline, it adds just the right amount of glamour and sophistication. Whether you’re going to a formal event or just want to feel like a celebrity for a night, this dress is sure to impress.
illusion Dress
illusion Dress

Hello to High-Low (High low prom dress)

Get the best of both worlds with a high low evening dress. This gown has a formal feel in the front with its sleek lines and floor-length hem, while the back is left playful and eye-catching with its shorter length.
These flirty and fun styles are perfect for showing off your curves.
• Famed for their unique look
• Popular among party goers and guests at weddings or other formal events
• Allows women to show off either side of the hemline depending on the occasion
• Create a tasteful, sophisticated look with high-low dresses
Dresses are available in many styles, lengths, colors
high low dress
High Low Prom Dress

What is the color of 2022?

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If you have been following fashion trends from last year or two years ago then you know that blue has been the most popular color in recent times when it comes to choosing a prom dress. But now there seems to be a shift in trend as people seem more drawn towards shades of purple for their prom dress this year.
Purple has always been seen as one of the classiest colors in the world and it is often used to make a statement. With purple, you can often get away with not picking a patterned dress since the color alone speaks for itself. For example, if we look back at the past few prom seasons we will see that people tend to go for patterns when they choose blue dresses and this is a trend I’m sure we will see continue with blue colors this year as well.

Sequins Mini Dress

sequins have been spotted on everything from mini dresses to full-length maxi dresses. Some of the most popular silhouettes for sequins include bodycon and maxi dresses, but you can also find them in cocktail dress silhouettes as well!

This sequins mini dress is perfect for a night out on the town. The silver sequins will shimmer and sparkle in the light, making you stand out from the crowd. Pair with some high heels and a clutch for a glam look.

There are many different ways to wear a sequin dress, depending on the occasion. For a formal event, such as a black-tie affair, team your dress with sparkling accessories, such as earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet. For a less formal event, such as a holiday party, try wearing your sequin dress with a festive scarf or blazer. You can also dress up a sequin dress by pairing it with heels instead of flats.


Stunning Sequins 
Stunning Sequins

Finding the Perfect Dress for You

Prom is a special night, and you want to look your best. The perfect prom dress can make you feel like a princess, but finding the right one can be tricky. With so many different styles and options available, it can be hard to know where to start.

First, think about what style of dress would suit you best. Are you more comfortable in a flowing maxi dress, or a figure-hugging mermaid style? There are so many different styles to choose from, so take your time and find the one that’s right for you.

Next, think about the color of the dress. This is a really important consideration, as the wrong color can totally ruin your look. If you’re not sure what color to choose, think about your skin tone and what will suit you best.

Finally, don’t forget to think about the fit of the dress. It needs to be comfortable and flattering, so take your time trying on different styles until you find the perfect one. And remember, it’s always better to go a size up if you’re not sure, as you can always have the dress taken in.

short prom dress
short prom dress

Dressing for Your Body Type:

Do You Know Your Body Type?
Are you struggling to fit into your Jovani prom dress? Do you feel like you’ve tried every diet out there and nothing seems to work? You may not realize it, but the way you lose weight depends on your body type. Here are four tips that will help young girls like you lose weight and look amazing in their prom dresses. and you’ll look fabulous!

What is your body type?

Your body type can have a huge impact on how you lose weight. Here are four different diet tips for girls of different body shapes:

apple shape, pear shape, hourglass, rectangle Shape

Apple Shape – If you have a flabby stomach and bulging waistline, try cutting out foods high in fat and sugar. Pears – If you have a big bust and wide hips, try cutting out foods high in salt to stop water retention. Hourglass Shape – If you have a flat stomach and curvy hips and thighs, try eating more protein to build lean muscle mass. Rectangle/Banana Shape – If you don’t have much in the breast or hip area, try cutting out sweetened drinks and snacks if you’re trying to lose weight.

Losing weight is all about lifestyle changes. Say goodbye to fast food restaurants and fried foods which are high in salt or sugar. Remember that losing weight is not about starving yourself.

Pear shape

If you have a pear shape, your weight is mainly concentrated in your hips and buttocks. This means that you should focus on diet and exercise regimes that will help you slim down these areas. Try a low-carbohydrate diet and plenty of aerobic exercises, such as running or cycling. Do yoga or Pilates to build up your core strength and tone your stomach muscles. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water a great substitute for sugary drinks and snacks.

Hourglass Shape

If you have an hourglass shape, you’re lucky – you can pretty much follow any diet and lose weight. Just make sure you’re eating a balanced diet with plenty of protein and fiber, and try to avoid processed foods. And don’t forget to exercise! A brisk walk or light jog will help you tone up and slim down your waistline.

It has a straight, sleek appearance. Your shoulders and hips will be roughly the same measurement with little waist definition that can fit any size from 8 and up.

 Petite Size

Petite size clothing is designed for women who have a shorter height. It’s normal if you’re 5’0″ or less, but it can also happen that someone has an inch of difference between their actual feet and shoulder blades- which means they will wear Petites exclusively!

Plus size Dress:

Prom dresses for plus-size women come in a variety of styles and colors.
You can find affordable prom dresses at many online retailers.
Jovani designers are specialized in designing plus size prom dresses.
The best time to buy a prom dress is during the winter or early spring.
You can find plus size prom dresses at a variety of price points.
There are many online retailers that sell plus size prom dresses.

blue beaded ballgown
blue beaded ballgown

Jumpsuits and Rompers

If you’re looking for that perfect outfit, why not look into jumpsuits or rompers? They are comfortable and fun!
Class up your party wardrobe with a stylish jumpsuit! Whether you’re dressing for a bridal shower, wedding, or another formal event, a jumpsuit will have you looking your best. With flattering cuts and eye-catching designs, these one-pieces are perfect for making an entrance. So make sure to leave plenty of time to find the perfect jumpsuit – you won’t want to miss out on this hot trend!
Jumpsuits and rompers add a touch of fun and playfulness to any formal event. They are also comfortable and easy to wear, making them the perfect choice for an evening out. At Jovani, we have a wide selection of jumpsuits and rompers in every style imaginable, so you can find the perfect one for your special occasion.

Full Figured 

If you have a full bust, go for a plunging V-neck or sweetheart neckline to really show it off. Off-the-shoulder looks are also great. 
If you want to go for a more princess look without showing off the bust, a ball gown with a full skirt in a solid color is wonderful
Don’t feel like you have to draw the eye to your bust just because it is there – remember it is all about what makes you comfortable
prom trends 2022
prom trends 2022

Color-Coordinated to Enhance Your Natural Tone

As we mentioned, skin tone is also worth considering when buying a prom dress. Not all colors match all skin tones, so we put together a few tips on what works. 

Fair Skin Tone 

For the paler ladies, lean towards jewel-toned sapphire and ruby. Light pink, bright pastels, and blue undertones are great too.  We also suggest blues and greens, but you can never go wrong with black and white. If you are leaning towards one of the shimmery metallic looks, try silver and violet. 

Medium Skin Tone 

If you have a skin tone with pink and peach undertones, try soft pastels, especially lavender, eggshell blue, or plum. For a more earthy, peach tone, try bold and patterned prints. We especially love metallic gold, green, or a striking red. 

Dark Skin Tone 

Dark skin tones are wonderful for classic colors like ivory, shimmery gold, or champagne. Golden or reddish tones are perfect here. If you favor bright and bold looks, go for bright red, orange, or yellow. 

Silhouettes and Matching Hairstyles

Of course, the hair must match the dress, too. For some girls, the dress comes first, and the hair will adapt. Other girls have a hairstyle in mind and want the dress to match. Either way, your hairstyle on the big night should complement and enhance your overall look

High Neck Dress

If you have a high neckline on your dress or a lot of embellishment on the top, you should favor an up-do. You already have a lot happening, and you don’t want to make it appear more “busy” with curls covering up part of the dress’ statement. The neck and neckline are the centers of attention here. A sleek chignon or tight ponytail will give you a flawless look. Looking for a versatile and stylish dress that you can wear to any formal event? Look no further than our collection of high neck prom dresses. These dresses are perfect for anyone who wants to look their best, and they come in a variety of different styles that you’re sure to love.
High Neck Dress
High Neck Dress

V Neck Dress

If you have a V-neck or scoop neckline dress, try a wavy side hairstyle. These necklines are rather popular and pair well with an up-do set relatively low. It should have a gentle texture and soft look. Low side-swept buns are really great here. 

V neck dresses are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. They’re versatile and can be worn in almost any situation, whether it’s to work or to a cocktail party.

Strapless prom dress
Strapless prom dress

Strapless Dress

A strapless neckline gives a lot of options, especially as you show off the dress and shoulders. Some will go towards a sophisticated up-do while others might prefer a down or half-up half-down look. That hairstyle will draw the eyes to the neckline while simultaneously softening your shoulders
Strapless Dresses are the best for formal events. They will make you look beautiful, trendy, and stylish at the same time!
V Neckline
V Neckline

Backless Dress 

Uncertain about what hairstyle you want? Backless dresses lend themselves to a variety of hairstyles. There are quite a few necklines that might happen here, but the attention is all on the back. 
To really show off the design, we suggest an up-do that matches the vibe of the dress. This can be elegant, Boho, vintage, or sleek chic. Crown braids or chignons are always a safe choice. 
You can also wear your hair down in these types of gowns. We suggest a wavy side-swept look or a braid. You don’t want to hide the design, but you do want to rock the hairstyle you like. 
backless dress
backless dress

Asymmetrical Look 

Since one-shoulder looks are in, we definitely have to cover asymmetrical hairstyles. The straps vary a lot here – from large ruffles to a simple one-inch strap. Take this into account, but typically you should aim for an off the shoulder hairstyle. The hairstyle shouldn’t compete with the dress but complement the asymmetrical look. Side-swept French twists or relaxed waves do this very well. 
Overall, think about what the dress is saying and make the hair match. If you have a classic, elegant vibe, try for sweeping up-do or retro curls with a statement pin. If your dress is more flowy and relaxed, make your hair match that with a Boho look. 
perfect hair for prom
perfect hair for prom

Ready to Shop? 

This was our crash course in everything you need to know about prom dresses in 2022. We covered everything from what is in style this season to how to find the right dress for your body type and skin tone. Prom is such an exciting time and shopping for a prom dress should be a fun experience
So, are you ready to get shopping? Check out the full collection of prom dresses 2022 that Jovani has to offer!

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