Prom Dresses For Every Body Type: The Ultimate Guide

Prom is one of the biggest, most unforgettable nights of your life, so your dress should be unforgettable, too. Whether you’re heading to a fun, 80s-themed prom or your school is hosting a traditional one, the dress you choose will help you make a lasting statement.

Before you pick out the perfect dress, check out this helpful guide to learn more about the wide variety of prom dresses available to suit your body type. Then, once you pick “the one,” get ready to turn some heads this prom season. You can also use these tips to pick out any other type of design, such as bat mitzvah dresses!

Stunning Dresses for the Apple Shape

If you have an apple shape body type, you’re in luck! This body type is perfectly suited for a huge assortment of prom dress designs. With the apple shape, you typically carry your weight through the mid-section and you likely have sender, slim legs. You also have a shorter, more undefined waistline.

But having an apply body shape doesn’t mean you can’t pick out a stunning dress. Try something with an empire waist to draw the eyes upward. Select something adorned with an intricately beaded bodice or embellishments. Anything with a focus on the upper part of the dress will bring everyone’s attention and eyes higher, and away from your middle. If you’d rather not wear an empire waist dress, try something with gorgeous ruching around the middle.

Ruching is a process that gathers the fabric in layers to create a feminine look and provides the perfect flattering touch for your mid-section. Pick out a prom dress with a full skirt to give yourself a princess-like look. Ballgowns are fabulous for people with an apple body type. A-line dresses are also fantastic choices, and if you want, show off your awesome arms with a sleeveless dress.

Make your legs the focus of your ensemble with a shorter dress or something with a cute high-low design. And don’t forget to pick out a pair of shoes to match!

Prom Dresses for the Busty Body Type

If your body type is busty, you have a large bust and narrow hips. Your waist is likely not very well-defined, so finding the perfect prom dress can be a challenge. But Don’t fret! You can find gorgeous prom dresses designed to draw attention up toward your face. Besides, don’t you want everyone to see how hard you worked on your makeup?

The goal for busty bodies is to create a balanced look, so select a dress that emphasizes your curves and hips. You’ll also want to try something that gives you a defined waistline for a flattering fit. You might be tempted to wear a short dress, but keep in mind that these could give you busty gals an uneven look. Look for dresses that include some kind of belt or accent at the waist for a balanced aesthetic.

Darker colors will give your body the definition you crave while toning down the bust area. Add some sparkly jewelry and fun accessories, too. This will help divert the eyes away from the bust and toward your face. Consider a V-neck style with a long, flowy silhouette. This will create an ultra-flattering look that will make you the star of the night.

Slender Body Types: Put the Focus on Your Shape

If you’re slim and slender, your body has a thin frame. Whether you’re short or tall, slender body types should try something that will accent their lean shape.

Go all the way and wear a fitted dress. These dresses accentuate your sleek physique and give you a daring look. Alternatively, you can try something that draws attention away from your body. Try on a dress with a cute, cowl neckline.

For slender girls, a prom dress with a slit is a fabulous choice. This gives your body the appearance of even more length and accentuates your legs. If you want to create more shape with your dress, wear something with an empire waist that puts the focus on your waistline. Or, wear a dress with an asymmetrical neckline to give the look a touch of artful appeal.

The key for slender body types is to wear a dress that adds a bit of depth and dimension to your look. This will create a fuller appearance. Ball gowns with flowy skirts are another fabulous option. Mermaid dresses will hug your physique and highlight your slender body frame.

For girls with slender body types, you can go short or long depending on your mood. Have some fun with it and find the perfect prom dress that will complement your body and your personal style.

Finding a Dress for the Famous Hourglass Figure

If you have an hourglass figure, your body is curvy and features a feminine, voluminous shape. The bust and hips are typically well-proportioned in hourglass body types. Your best asset is your waist, so try prom dresses that focus on the waistline to give your curves even more definition. Look for a dress that falls directly on your natural waistline.

You can also choose a dress with a form-fitted top or a stylish V-neckline. Anything you try should hug your curves and put the focus on your gorgeous body shape. A wrap dress is another beautiful choice. These dresses enhance the hourglass body type will giving you a super-modern, confident look.

If you have an hourglass shape, you’re in luck! Almost any style of prom dress will look amazing on you. Try on several different styles until you find the one that really puts the oomph in your curves. Another pro-tip? Wear something with a bit of stretch so you can feel comfortable throughout the night.

Material that doesn’t stretch can be a bit constricting, and it might be uncomfortable whenever you try to sit down.

Pretty Pears on Prom Night

For ladies with a pear-shaped figure, you likely have curvy hips and broad thighs. You may also have a broad bottom but a smaller bust and narrow shoulders.

Luckily, the pear shape is also defined by a very visible waistline, so finding the perfect dress should be a breeze. The key is to choose a dress that accentuates that lovely waistline so you’ll feel confident all night long. You want to wear something that will not only define your waistline but also balance out your other body proportions. Homecoming dress styles offer a wide assortment of gowns for the pear-shaped body.

The sky is the limit with a pear shape, so try on a few different dresses including long formal evening gowns and semi-formal shorter party dresses. It’s really all about the theme and the look you want to create. Try something with an off-shoulder cut and a flowy bottom skirt. A slit is another fabulous way to show off your curvaceous silhouette.

Make sure you choose something that shows off your upper body and accents your collarbone. Pick out a prom dress that’s more cinched at the waist, but it flows outward from there. A flowy prom dress will put the emphasis on your upper body and give your lower body curves some breathing room. Go bold and select a two-toned dress with one color on the top half and a different color on the bottom.

Thankfully, today’s prom dresses come in a huge assortment of colors, designs, and figure-flattering styles. You’re sure to find the perfect piece for your luscious pear-shaped body.

Prom Gowns for the Petite Girl

When you hear the word petite, you likely assume that it means this body type is small and slender. But in reality, petite women can come in all different shapes and sizes.

Petite bodies can still be apple-shaped, pear-shaped, or hourglass-shaped so you want to find something that complements your figure, too. In general, petite body types are somewhat shorter or have some features that are smaller. Make sure you choose a prom dress that puts the focus on all of your fabulous features. If you’re on the shorter side, try a dress with a shorter hemline.

Short dresses will make your body look taller and leaner, and they’ll put the emphasis on your legs. Wear a pair of heels and you’re in for an amazing night. They key to petite body types is to find something that creates an illusion of height. You don’t want to get lost in too much fabric, so try a dress that has a fitted style.

Wear something that features fun accents like beading, sequins, and other shimmering embellishments. These additions will bring the focus to the style of your dress rather than your petite frame. An asymmetrical hemline will also give the illusion of height or you can try something with a high thigh slit. The slit will visually add several inches to your petite frame.

If heels are too much for prom night, pick out an awesome pair of platforms. These will make you taller, and you’ll be a whole lot more comfortable, too.

Embrace Your Body Type

No matter what body type you are, the key is to embrace it. Prom night is meant to be a fun event where you get to spend some time with your best friends, so have a ball! Don’t worry about every single detail of your dress. Instead, just be sure whatever you choose, that you feel good when you wear it.

Find a dress in a fabric and color that makes you feel confident. Whether it’s dramatic red or classic black, the color choices are truly endless. Keep an eye out for fun designs that include ruching or cowl necks for an extra touch. Focus on your accessories when you head out for prom. This will make the concept of dress shopping a lot more fun. Plus, accessories allow you to give your dress a touch of personality and uniqueness.

Once you know which body type you are, it’s a lot easier to find the perfect prom dress. Make sure the dress you select is comfortable so you can dance the night away completely carefree. The real key to finding the ideal prom dress for your body type is to choose something that really accentuates your best features. You should also wear something that diverts attention away from the things you don’t like.

Try on several dresses until you find the one that’s right for you. With so many styles available, you’re bound to find “the one” in no time! And remember to have fun while you do it. Another important part of finding the right dress is choosing the ideal length. You don’t want to end up with something too long that ends up dragging on the ground while you’re walking or dancing.

Dresses that are extremely short may make you feel a little uncomfortable, so try to find something in a length you can live with. Keep in mind that longer dresses can always be hemmed, too.

Make Your Prom Night Unforgettable

From apple and pear shapes to slender and petite, there are prom dresses out there for everyone. Have some fun and go shopping with your friends so you can check out the dresses that others try on. No matter which type of dress you choose, you’ll have a blast and create some memories that will last a lifetime.

And don’t forget to take lots of pictures so you’ll always have those memories with you. If you’re looking for a stunning prom dress this season, shop our website for an amazing selection of dresses as well as lots of tips and tricks to make your night unforgettable.

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