Jovani Pageant Dresses 2022 Collection: The Ultimate Guide for All Silhouettes

Nazy Rafaeil

If you’re competing in a pageant this year, you’re going to need a winning dress. You’ll probably research what past winners have worn and wear something similar. However, you might just end up looking like a copy of a past contestant. To win any pageant, the key is not to emulate styles that came before you. You want to step on the stage in a look that you originate.


Many designers tailor pageant dresses for a contestant, which is the best way to secure an original look. However, not everybody can afford pageant gowns specifically designed for them. It’s a huge investment and not realistic for all competitors. Don’t think just because you don’t buy a one-of-a-kind dress means that you can’t win a pageant. By knowing what to look for in a winning pageant dress, you can steal the spotlight from other competitors and take home the crown.


Where to start? Choose your brand wisely. Many designers create evening dresses specifically for pageant contestants of all ages. Quality pageant brands will offer a variety of options. By choosing a collection with a lot of unique styles, sizes, and materials, you’re more likely to find a dress that presents you at your most beautiful.


At Jovani, pageant dresses are one of our specialties. Our pageant dresses for women appear on every competition stage you can think of. We offer a wide range of colors and silhouettes. Dazzling blues, greens, purples, as well as popular styles like the mermaid dress are all at home in Jovani’s collection. There’s no way you won’t find the perfect fit in one of our elegant dresses.

Pageant Dresses 2022

So, what’s new for 2022 pageant dresses? Now more than ever, dresses for pageants have a glamorous and red carpet feel. They often feature head-to-toe beadwork or embellishments. Their look is form-fitting and the mermaid gown style is often a favorite silhouette, as is the sheath design. A great source of inspiration are celebrity award shows. Check out what your favorite stars are wearing to The Oscars for example, and take your ideas from these elegant and fashion-forward designs. Colors should reflect this look as well – opt for trendy metallic tones such as silver or gold, muted nude or mauve, or else deep jewel shades such as emerald or royal blue. Don’t forget the rest of your outfit, as makeup and hair is just as important when it comes to making a great impression. Go for classic options such as a bold red lip or sleek hair bun.


jovani gold pageant dress

Deciding between a few of their options?

There are a lot of specific components to factor in when choosing the absolute best dress. Sometimes the most eye-catching dress isn’t the one you’re meant to wear. Consider these aspects that make up a winning dress when browsing through the Jovani collection of pageant dresses for 2022.


Dress Color

One of the first things a judging panel will notice about a dress is the color. Your color choice conveys a lot about your personality, aesthetic taste, and overall personal statement.


For example, those who choose to wear traditional colors like white evoke classical elegance. Bold reds and blues command attention. Less common colors like yellow and violet inspire inner-harmony, wisdom, and uniqueness.


Knowing what you’d like to convey through color is critical. It will bring you clarity and show the judges you know exactly who you are. Don’t just choose your favorite color and wear that. Ask yourself, what emotion do I want to present on stage?



Dress and Skin Color

It’s also critical to choose a dress that matches your skin type. Not everyone looks best in every color. Even the most striking gown won’t match if it doesn’t balance with your skin and hair.


Choose a color that enhances and brings out the colors of your body. This includes your skin, eyes, and hair. The last thing you want to do is work against your natural beauty! Think of color as a beauty enhancer, not the main attraction.


Once you know your color, check out some of Jovani’s color specific options that will give you the shine you’re looking for.


jovani ivory pageant dress

Statistically, those who wear white have a better chance of winning. A startling amount of Miss America winners won in white in comparison to other colors. White is classic, classy, and elegant. It’s a common color for the woman who wants to channel the classic beauty queen.


You might repel against white because it evokes a bridal look. However, white doesn’t necessarily have to convey a wedding. Rather than a bridal look, you can think of white pageant dresses as a modern take on the Marilyn Monroe-esque Hollywood glam. Many white Jovani dresses channel classic and chic rather than purity and innocence.


In a Jovani dress, you can easily channel classic Hollywood evening wear rather than bride down the aisle.


If you are attracted to white but eager to stray from the traditional pageant look, you have options. Jovani’s Ivory Fitted Embellished Open Back Pageant Dress is classic yet edgy.


Sizes: 00-24
Colors: Ivory
Neckline: High
Waistline: Natural
Closure: Invisible Back Zipper

The dress itself is a mermaid cut with a high neckline and bold flared feathers. This piece turns the traditional pageant dress on its head. It’s the perfect dress for the woman who seeks to look classic and unique at the same time.


Jovani red pageant dress


A luscious red is passionate and romantic. It’s a bold choice to grace a stage in this color, but bold can be winning. Depending on the dress itself, red ultimately pays off.


If red is your color, try Jovani’s Red Embellished Off the Shoulder Pageant Dress. This is a classic pageant silhouette in eye-catching red.


Size: 00-24
Color: Red/Nude
Neckline: Sweetheart
Waistline: Natural

Closure: Invisible back zipper


This material embodies luscious. The off-the-shoulder style presents a seductive yet graceful allure. A sweeping train covers the wearer from head to toe in exotic red. This embellished number is for the woman looking for a bold statement with a traditional pageant essence.



Nude is a new, popular, and non-traditional style. Jovani’s nude dresses are perfectly sexy while staying elegant.

Jovani’s Nude Beaded Plunging Neckline Pageant Dress will bring confidence to the wearer. It boasts a distinct color and enticing design.



Size: 00-24
Color: Nude
Neckline: Plunging
Waistline: Natural


This sparkling beaded dress will be unique among other competitors. It’s nude working at its best!


Dress Styles

Judges have an eye for detail. Inevitably, they’re going to be looking at the dress style you choose. The style completely dictates how you fit and feel in a gown.


Statistically, white leads as the color most likely to bring a win. However, there isn’t one dress type that secures a crown. With so many to choose from, a winning dress style should ultimately suit the wearer’s personality. This is to say that your personality has a lot to do with the style you choose. The style should be one that best expresses your inner beauty and enhances your outer beauty. Style, color, and personality should complement each other. Together, these will present an overall look that’s stunning.


The best way to choose a dress style is to know your body type before you shop. This completely changes how a dress looks on you. It also shows the judges that you know what you wear best.


For example, long-waisted women will suffer in a dress with a short waistline. Choose a dress that’s in sync with your natural shape. Don’t let the dress up-stage you!


You also want to consider how revealing the dress should be. Showing shoulder or legs may be more appropriate at certain pageants than others. This is particularly when thinking about pageant dresses for teens. Adult women have more leeway to highlight parts of their body. Dresses for teens should focus on color and personality. Otherwise, judges might be displeased.

A pageant dress’s form also alters the personal statement of the wearer. Dresses with lots of body, detail, and shape will demand attention. Dresses with fitted cuts will evoke simplicity and more attention to the wearer. Always determine how much or little you want your dress to be noticed. If more people are talking about the gown itself as opposed to how you look in it, that’s a sign to go simpler.

The latest trends will also dictate what makes a winning dress type. In the 2000’s, winning dresses were form-fitting with strapless bust lines. Now, many winners have taken the crown in less form-fitting silhouettes.


Many of Jovani’s options are in line with this trend, but still, have a unique look.


For example, the Nude Red Open Back Floral Evening Ballgown combines the trendy nude with a free-flowing silhouette.

Size: 00-24
Color: Nude
Neckline:  Scoop
Waistline: Natural
Closure: Invisible back zipper


This Jovani piece is tasteful yet seductive with a unique red floral accent. It is form-fitting top with formless bottom silhouette brings length and grace to the wearer. It’s a risk-taking dress while staying true to the current trends. It’s guaranteed nobody else will be wearing a dress like this.


How to Win a Pageant in a Jovani Dress?


Despite years of pageant history, there still isn’t a set way to win a title. No matter how you prepare, the best way to win is to show up looking your best. What dress you wear, and how you wear it, ultimately decides how confident you’ll appear to the judges, other contestants, and viewers around the world.


Choose a dress that makes you feel like a winner. When deciding what to wear, always ask yourself these questions:
⦁ Does this dress color bring out my personality?
⦁ Does this dress convey how I want to present myself?
⦁ Does every part of this dress fit? The bust and neckline are especially important.
⦁ Does this dress suit the competition?
⦁ Is the dress right for the season the competition will take place in?
⦁ Will this dress make me feel the most confident?


If you and your team can confidently say yes to all these questions, you’ve got a winning dress!


We really only covered a few colors, silhouettes, and features found in Jovani’s 2022 collection. With our versatile collection, we’re confident that you’ll find a winning dress that not only presents you beautifully but also makes you feel your best. Check out more of our collection of couture dresses, evening gowns, and pageant-exclusive designs on our website!


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