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Interview with Abraham Maslavi, Co-Owner of JOVANI Fashions

Happy Friday, dear readers! You're in for a real treat today with a sneak peek behind the scenes of JOVANI. We've had the chance to interview one of our owners, Vice President, Director and CFO Abraham Maslavi for this week's article for an insider look at what goes on at JOVANI. Thank you so much for sitting down with us to talk. Tell me a little bit about the inspiration behind Jovani. How did the brand start, and what was it's original mission? My father Jacob Maslavi founded the JOVANI Fashions in 1981. From humble beginnings, Jovani has grown into a world-renowned brand through decades of hard work and dedication. My brother Saul and I have continued to pursue my father’s dream and make it into a reality by expanding the brand to fit every aspect of a woman’s life. We have dresses and even jumpsuits for every occasion -…

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2 years ago