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Continuing our Influencer & Expert series (don’t forget to catch up on our past interviews with makeup artist Jane Kim and Jovani co-owner Abraham Maslavi), we sit down to discuss all things skincare with Ronit Sinai. Wanting to give our readers more insider information from those who have the best knowledge in the beauty and fashion worlds, we reached out to Ronit, who is at the top of her field as a skin care professional.

Ronit’s career extends over 20 years and she is famed for her ability to transform problem skin. Her expertise is visible in every complexion she works with. So, what are her ultimate skincare secrets and tips? We sit down with her to get the scoop on the most effective method to transform your skin for a big event and her recommendations to reboot your daily skincare regime. She will also be appearing in our first Influencer & Expert video.

JOVANI: Hi Ronit, thank you so much for being with us today and sharing your knowledge with our fans!
First, we know that you are a leader in the industry and have dedicated your life to providing women with the best techniques for transforming their skin. What inspired you to go into the skincare business?
RONIT: Since I was a teenager, I have had very problematic skin. It got to the point that I didn’t want to go to school because I was embarrassed by the way my skin looked. My sister and I were growing up middle class but living in a rich neighborhood, and I felt that all of our peers were taking care of their skin and looking good. We could not spend much money on our beauty, skin, and clothing, so I became obsessed with finding new ways to perfect my problem skin. I promised myself that one day I would find a solution for acne and impurities.
While everyone else was spending their summer on the beaches, I studied skincare and perfected new techniques. Once I had figured out the trick to cure my acne, I had this overwhelming urge to help others. Life brought me to the point where I had to manifest my knowledge.
The terrible hardship I was going through prompted me to follow my dreams of helping others in their skincare journey. I came out of a nasty divorce with my two young children and knew I had to regain my feet. I knew the time had come to use my talent and knowledge to help others. Even though I needed the money, I wasn’t doing it for the money – I was doing it to serve others. What I got the most satisfaction from was giving treatments to others and making them feel good at a time in my life when I wasn’t feeling good. It helped uplift me to live out my passion, and success came over time with hard work and results.
JOVANI: What are some of the skin care techniques you recommend to girls and women with oily skin, large pores, chronic acne, blackheads, or discoloration, who want to transform their skin in time for a special event like prom or a wedding?
RONIT: Up to this day, there is no 100% one-size-fits-all solution to acne and problematic skin. After experiencing so much in home care products, professional products, and lifestyle changes, I can now share several techniques that I know can greatly improve problematic skin. There is no cure-all, but if you treat it from many angles at once, you will see a major improvement in just a few weeks.
JOVANI: What specific dietary changes should women make in the months leading up to a big party, wedding, prom, or special event?
RONIT: I must mention that everything starts with the stomach – you have to start on the inside to see results on the outside. You can control the debris, oily skin, and acne at home by incorporating things like Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother. Drink 2 oz of the vinegar with 2 oz of warm water and drink it twice daily, morning and night. It helps detoxify and clear out the bad bacteria in your body. Drink lots and lots of water – and not just any water; drink alkaline water that controls and balances the acidity in our stomach. I recommend drinking 10 cups of alkaline water each day leading up to a big special event like a wedding or prom.
It’s also important to be friendly to your body and to keep your body balanced. Make sure to eat lots of leafy greens and colorful vegetables to increase vitamin intake and help your stomach and intestines stay healthy. It’s particularly important to cut down on cheese and sugar as much as possible in the month leading up to a big special event or party. This will cut down on the inflammation in your body and helps ensure your body is functioning at its best on the inside, which results in more beautiful, glowing skin on the outside.
JOVANI: Do you have any recommendations for skin care masks people can create at home? What is the difference between an at-home treatment and a professional treatment?
RONIT: You can tone your skin at home with rosewater, make a mask with cinnamon, crushed garlic, and ginger to reduce inflammation, and even make a wash by mixing water with apple cider vinegar. These are all great for short-term results and should be repeated weekly. See a skin care professional weekly, two to three months before your event, to get to the second layer of skin for deeper, more lasting results. It starts with a deep cleansing facial, and then we create a specific series of treatments that make up a beauty care regimen.
JOVANI: Do you have any last tips for our fans and readers regarding beauty and skincare?
RONIT: Finally, always wear sunscreen. I recommend wearing physical sunscreen to all my clients because it sits on the top layer of the skin – the harmful chemicals don’t get absorbed into the skin. Wearing sunscreen will keep your skin protected from the elements and keep the wrinkles away.
Finally, don’t forget about your skin. Your skin can’t talk, and it doesn’t have a voice – some women care for everyone else except for their skin. Don’t ignore your skin until it’s crying out for help with problematic issues, and then don’t cover it up with makeup that can make things worse. Make time for self-care and treat your skin from the outside and inside to transform how you look and feel.
JOVANI: Thank you again so much, Ronit, for all your amazing information. We’re so grateful for the time you’ve taken to talk to us about your experience and techniques, and we know Jovani’s fans are also thankful for all your great tips.
Tomorrow we will post the entire video of our interview with Ronit Sinai, including exciting BONUS content of her performing the recommended facials and skin transformation techniques in her skincare office. There’s a lot more great content to come, so check back soon. Finally, don’t forget to check out Ronit Sinai’s website and Facebook page to learn more about what she does and the results she has achieved. She has launched her own Youtube channel that delves deeper into all things beauty, sharing tips and skin care advice.
Did you like this interview? We’d love to hear your comments below. For more awesome prom, wedding, and special events articles, videos, and tips from industry experts in beauty and fashion be sure to check back regularly with us here on the JOVANI blog. See you again soon!
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