Expert Interview: Roya Vahedi, Personal Fitness Trainer

At Jovani, we celebrate confidence and beauty in all forms. While putting a fashionable foot forward in a stylish dress is always a helpful confidence boost, so is feeling fit, healthy and toned up! For anyone who has a big event in the near future, representing the best version of yourself while wearing that special outfit is key. That glow shines from the inside out and adds a whole other kind of sparkle.

Los Angeles based personal fitness trainer, Roya Vahedi, has kindly shared her knowledge and insider secrets for planning and maintaining that all-important workout regime, no matter what your goal is. From toning up to keeping motivation and focus, she reveals the best approach when boosting both your health and your shape is your goal. Be it just for an event, or for a long-term switch to a better daily regime, Roya’s tips will have you excited to work up a sweat – and then pull a red carpet pose.



JOVANI: What is your own personal fitness ethos?

ROYA: I strongly believe that nutrition is 80% and fitness is 20%. It takes an entire lifestyle change in order to see not only the physical changes of your body, but the mental as well.

JOVANI: How do you customize your sessions for different clients?

ROYA: Depending on every client’s goal, I incorporate different forms of weight training, strength training, and HIIT. Sets, repetitions, and a variety of exercises can be manipulated to target every person’s individualized fitness goals.The ultimate goal is to get my clients’ heart rate up to improve their physical and cardiovascular health.

JOVANI: For those of us who don’t have a focused workout regime – what’s a good way to get started?

ROYA: I always encourage people to start off slow. Many people when they first start training end up going too hard and will become discouraged the next day due to their body being extremely sore and worn out. You want to create a workout that you enjoy, but also one that will give you results. There is a balance between knowing when to push your body and when you need to let your body recover.

JOVANI: What are some quick tips for those with a busy lifestyle who want to make sure they’re still working out?

ROYA: What many people do not know is that they can do a quick 30 minute workout that would be just as intense as a prolonged hour workout or more. The goal is to take shorter breaks and perform exercises that exert higher energy in order to feel that burn. Supersets are central when it comes to limited time because they will help increase the intensity of the workout while giving your muscles a greater push.

JOVANI: We all want to tone up when we have a big event approaching – what essential exercises would you recommend?

ROYA: It is no doubt that every woman wants a great butt! Squats and lunges are definitely a priority not only to help boost your glute (butt) muscles, but will also help work the quadriceps and hamstrings. These type of exercises target multiple areas with one movement. There are many different variations to these exercises such as a single leg squat, narrow squat, sumo squat, Bulgarian lunge, or reverse lunge that will help to activate different areas of the lower body.

JOVANI: What are the benefits of hiring a personal trainer?

ROYA: Having a personal trainer is a great way to ensure you are doing exercises CORRECTLY. It is very easy to have the wrong form which would consequently cause injury. This can be avoided when having a trainer. It is our job to ensure you are performing exercises using the correct technique in order to create optimal results. We help to motivate you and hold you accountable for your goals. Often times people just need that kickstart to start working towards their goals because working out can be intimidating. Having a trainer is like a therapy session while getting fit!


JOVANI: Do you believe in setting fitness goals, or how do you maintain motivation?

ROYA: I do believe it is crucial to have fitness goals, however they must be realistic. If goals are set too high, it is no doubt that almost everyone would be frustrated if they are not met. Goals should be SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Understanding that changes will not be seen overnight is the first step towards having continued motivation. When I look back a year from now, I want to say I made an effort every day to be fit and lead a healthier life. Change will come with time and patience.

JOVANI: Diet and fitness go hand-in-hand – what’s your favorite pre or post workout snack?

ROYA: Coming from a Middle Eastern background, I must say that I do love some veggies and hummus! Not only am I getting the carbohydrates from the vegetables, but I am also getting the protein and fats from the hummus making it a completely balanced snack that can be consumed either before or after a workout.

JOVANI: What’s the biggest reward or happiest moment you’ve experienced as a trainer?

ROYA: I think the overall happiness that you see from satisfied clients has to be the most rewarding feeling. Clients come to me with hopes of making those changes in their lives. When clients start to see those changes physically and mentally, I have done my job. I find joy in helping my clients. I want people to say that because of Roya, we are living a healthier and happier life.


A big thank you to Roya for taking part in our interview. For more information about her fitness training, contact her via email: and don’t forget to follow her instagram, @rock_n_roya.