Expert Interview: Ronit Sinai Shares Anti-Aging Skin Tips

Skin care guru Ronit Sinai is famous for her skin transformations. Much like the complexions she works on, her reviews are glowing. With over 20 years of experience, she has a deep understanding of how skin works and is able to bring out that peachy perfection in everyone. Located in Tarzana, California, Ronit is constantly in demand and on the go. Currently unraveling the mystery of anti-aging, Ronit’s approach to skin care is fresh, natural and importantly, safe.

She has kindly agreed to speak to us on many skin care topics, revealing some of her top tips for preparing for big events such as prom and weddings. She also shares some amazing general advice and delves into how to tackle difficult skin problems, too.


JOVANI: What are some of the best ways teenage girls can prepare their skin for prom to get a gorgeous glow for their big night?

RONIT: There are a few great ways to prepare your skin for proms when it comes to teenagers, and here are some of them:
  • They need to prepare their skin at least a month before by adapting their skin care regime, going to a professional aesthetician and having weekly treatments to deep cleanse and detoxify the skin, followed by nutrition masks.
  • Home care is very, very important as well, which is the continuation of the skin care at home.
  • Diet and nutrition is also very important as well.

JOVANI: What skin treatment would you recommend for brides-to-be?

RONIT: For brides-to-be, I recommend starting at least two months before the wedding with facials, a couple of peelings according to the skin type, and the right home care is very important.

JOVANI: What’s your favorite ‘quick fix’ treatment that shows results in a relatively fast time?

RONIT: My quick-fix treatment is the skin lifting treatment which gives constant result and instant results, which at the end of the treatment you’ll see glowing, clean and tight skin.

JOVANI: What is your approach to anti-aging treatment?

RONIT: My approach for the anti-aging treatment is very wide and open, and by saying that I mean the following. I think a woman should do everything and anything in a safe way, and the most natural way to keep your skin healthy young and beautiful. I have a variety of treatments for anti-aging. I match each treatment to each customer by their skin type, age and budget, and absolutely by their character.

JOVANI: Is there a particular skincare ingredient, facial or treatment that you believe is most effective when focusing on anti-aging?

RONIT: Focusing on anti-aging, my best recommendation and a true recommendation actually, is to use the right products which can penetrate to skin and do the job. Let me explain to you what do I mean by that. Skin is a barrier and it’s protecting the body. A topical product which we use must penetrate this barrier which is the skin to stimulate what is responsible for the youth beneath, and boost new cell production. So let’s be truthful and discover some facts that’s important for anti-aging topical products. The product must be on a cosmeceutical or pharmaceutical level in order to have the ability to penetrate under the skin and see a real change.

JOVANI: What’s the best way anyone can adapt their diet or skincare regime to gain a better complexion?

RONIT: The best diet for skin care in order to gain a better complexion is absolutely drinking lots of alkaline water. I also recommend apple cider vinegar, using lots of sunscreen and moisturizer, and taking the right supplements for your skin and the right Omegas. Being seen by a professional weekly or monthly makes a big difference.

JOVANI: How do you tackle skin pigmentation issues?

RONIT: When it comes to skin pigmentation it’s very tricky and very personal. It depends on what kind of skin I have in front of me, how many years they are caring for the pigmentation under skin, the color of the skin as they may have dark or light, and how consistently this particular client has used certain products every day in order to fight that pigmentation. I have done many, many pigmentation and acne treatments during my 20 years of experience. I cannot say one hundred percent were happy, but I could bravely say that 85% of my clients were very happy and it shows on my Yelp page.

JOVANI: How does wearing makeup everyday impact the skin?

RONIT: Wearing make up every day absolutely impacts the skin, but as we know we all like to wear make up. So what I recommend is every night, remove the make up with the right cleanser that has the right pH balance which can remove the toxins and dirt from the skin without over-drying the skin itself.

JOVANI: What are the essential skincare products and tools that every woman should be using in their daily regimes?

RONIT: Every man and a woman should use every day and every night the right serum, the right moisturizer or should I say day cream or night cream following by serum, and for sure, sunscreen. The most important thing is to take the right supplements as well, which I keep on hand in my practice, or at least I’m trying to have the best supplements for everyone.


A big thank you to Ronit for taking part in our interview. Don’t forget to stay up to date with her work and see her amazing skin transformations by following her on instagram and facebook.