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Expert Interview: Ronit Sinai Shares Prom & Wedding Skin Advice, Anti-Aging Tips

Posted: 28th November 2017

Skin care guru Ronit Sinai is famous for her skin transformations. Much like the complexions she works on, her reviews are glowing. With over 20 years of experience, she has a deep understanding of how skin works and is able to bring out that peachy perfection in everyone. Located in Tarzana, California, Ronit is constantly in demand and on the go. Currently unraveling the mystery of anti-aging, Ronit’s approach to skin care is fresh, natural and importantly, safe.

She has kindly agreed to speak to us on many skin care topics, revealing some of her top tips for preparing for big events such as prom and weddings. She also shares some amazing general advice and delves into how to tackle difficult skin problems, too.


JOVANI: What are some of the best ways teenage girls can prepare their skin for prom to get a gorgeous glow for their big night?

RONIT: There are a few great ways to prepare your skin for proms when it comes to teenagers, and here are some of them:
  • They need to prepare their skin at least a month before by adapting their skin care regime,


Influencer Interview

Expert Interview: Roya Vahedi, Personal Fitness Trainer

Posted: 3rd November 2017

At Jovani, we celebrate confidence and beauty in all forms. While putting a fashionable foot forward in a stylish dress is always a helpful confidence boost, so is feeling fit, healthy and toned up! For anyone who has a big event in the near future, representing the best version of yourself while wearing that special outfit is key. That glow shines from the inside out and adds a whole other kind of sparkle.

Los Angeles based personal fitness trainer, Roya Vahedi, has kindly shared her knowledge and insider secrets for planning and maintaining that all-important workout regime, no matter what your goal is. From toning up to keeping motivation and focus, she reveals the best approach when boosting both your health and your shape is your goal. Be it just for an event, or for a long-term switch to a better daily regime, Roya’s tips will have you excited to work up a sweat – and then pull a red carpet pose.



JOVANI: What is your own personal fitness ethos?

ROYA: I strongly believe that nutrition is 80% and fitness is 20%. It takes an entire lifestyle change in order to see not only the physical changes of your body,



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Expert Interview: Mitsuko Osuga of Mitsuko Floral

Posted: 25th July 2017

With an incredible 25-year career that has taken her from Tokyo to Los Angeles, Mitsuko Osuga has mastered the art of creative floral design. Founder of California-based Mitsuko Floral, she has added her own imaginative touch to many events, and collaborated with brides-to-be to help them realize their dream day.

Her business is now lauded as one of the best wedding vendors. She continues to work with brides to transform their venues into unique spaces and create personalized bouquets.

Mitsuko has kindly agreed to be interviewed for our latest ‘Influencer and Expert’ series, sharing her insider knowledge for those planning weddings or special occasions, and has spoken about the impact flowers can make on your big day.


JOVANI: What initially got you interested in becoming a florist?

MITSUKO: I loved everything about flowers. The fragrance, the vibrant colors, the romance, the ability to create things and uniquely tell a story with each floral design and arrangement. It’s with this fervor then that I went on to pursue my floral design degree and eventually my certificate in Professional Floral Instruction from Parsons The New School of design in Manhattan.



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Expert Interview: Angie Ohman – Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Posted: 18th July 2017


Angie Ohman is a Sherman Oaks based personal trainer who specializes in working with women. Angie motivates, guides and inspires her clients to reach their fitness goals, even when they’re working within a limited time frame. Also a nutritionist, Angie is keen to see those who she works with make permanent healthy changes to their lifestyles.

Helping brides prepare for their big day is one of her key services. She explains that those gearing up for such a big life event are often the most motivated. She has shared with us her own personal tips and training secrets for brides-to-be.

Revealing some of her insider knowledge, Angie has spoken to Jovani about fitness, health and keeping that motivation to reach those goals!



JOVANI: Tell us a little about your own approach to fitness?

ANGIE: I train women only and specialize in weight-loss and lean toning. I’m also a sports nutritionist, so I’m very involved in my clients’ health in all ways.
I really consider myself more of a tough workout buddy than a “trainer.”

I think starting with a personal trainer can be very scary and overwhelming for many people –



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Expert Interview: Alexa Gallo of Brightbird Photography

Posted: 12th June 2017

Alexa Gallo, photographer behind BrightBird Photography, has kindly agreed to take part in our latest Expert Interview. Alexa has a unique vision when it comes to capturing the spirit of an event. She shuns the conventional – bringing depth, emotion and raw beauty to her photographs.

A frequent wedding photographer, Alexa prefers to create intimate portraits that tell a story. Her images capture those behind-the-scenes moments that relay the true experience. Her attention to detail and flare for the original is what sets her apart.

As an expert in her field, Alexa has shared a few of her secrets for capturing incredible and personal photos. If you have prom coming up or just want to perfect the art of the selfie, she has let us in on her top tips that you can make your own. She has also spoken on her own approach to photography and the art of creating authentic work.

Camera at the ready? Then read on!


JOVANI: What would you say is the most important part of your job?

ALEXA: The most important part of my job is to see the beauty in any situation.



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