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Top Tricks for Removing Spots & Stains from Clothing

Top Tricks for Removing Spots & Stains from Clothing

Posted: 14th October 2019

You smile brightly, knowing that this is going to be one of the most memorable nights of your life. Then, you walk across the room to hand your camera off to someone to take a photo. You walk right into a disaster.

A slight bump is all it takes for a glass of red wine to spill down the front of your dream dress. There is no time to buy a new dress, so what do you do next?

First, off, here’s the good news. The sooner you catch a stain and treat it, the better your chances of removal. If you treat that punch stain on your prom dress right away, it will probably be gone in no time.

Stains don’t have to be permanent and can even be removed in a matter of a few minutes if you have the basic know-how and a few items on hand.

The other good news? You’ve got our handy top tricks for removing stains right here to guide you through it. This is essential for everyone to know, for teens heading to prom or mother of the bride preparing for her daughter’s wedding day!



JOVANI Countdown to Prom Planning Guide

Posted: 19th May 2017

Prom Planning Timeline

You might have been planning your high school prom for as long as you can remember. You could also be someone who hasn’t even begun the planning process even though prom season is on its way.

It doesn’t matter with our prom planning infographic. Our guide to planning the perfect prom night will help ensure you’ve covered it all. Forget the anxiety and embrace the adventure by following our simple monthly and weekly countdown.

This is your ultimate guide to getting ready for the big night. It has been created exclusively for JOVANI fans! Get ready to dance the night away, stress-free.

How to Plan the Perfect Prom

You’ll need to consider every part of prom: your prom dress, theme, budget, limo, corsage, ticket and so much more. The process can be overwhelming for any high school student, so we’re here to help make it easier! Finding the perfect dress is one of the most important tasks for prom day.

You’ll also want to book services such as limo hire well in advance. You need to sort out any other prom party or event ideas,