How to Pose for Prom Pictures Like a Pro

When taking prom pictures, many students feel nervous and unsure how to pose. However, you can pose for prom pictures like a pro with the right guidance and practice. Preparing for the shoot is the first step to taking amazing prom pictures. This includes choosing your outfit carefully, getting your hair and makeup done professionally […]

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Top Tricks for Removing Spots & Stains from Clothing

You smile brightly, knowing that this is going to be one of the most memorable nights of your life. Then, you walk across the room to hand your camera off to someone to take a photo. You walk right into a disaster. A slight bump is all it takes for a glass of red wine […]

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JOVANI Countdown to Prom Planning Guide

Prom Planning Timeline You might have been planning your high school prom for as long as you can remember. You could also be someone who hasn’t even begun the planning process even though prom season is on its way. It doesn’t matter with our prom planning infographic. Our guide to planning the perfect prom night will […]

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