How To Perfectly Combine A Sequin Prom Dress

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You want to attend prom with the most beautiful sequin prom dress, and don’t know how to combine the sequins? It may seem complicated at first, as they are quite striking and bright. Sequin prom dresses are ideal garments for all kinds of parties besides it and well combined; it can make you shine, yes, without excesses, the sequins already shine. You will not need much more but if you have a close event and a sequin garment and you do not know how to wear it, stay because this we are going to get you out of doubt.

Since the sequin prom dress will capture all the attention of everyone in your prom party and will be the undisputed prom queen candidate because of our outfit, we will leave the rest more sober and essential.

No stockings
It is not very appropriate to wear the dress of sequins with stockings if possible deny them. If the event you attend is formal at a prom party or before a dinner with your family, the dress will give not get a sophisticated and elegant point with them.

DonĀ“t forget your coat
If it’s cold obviously, you’ll have to wear a coat. The ideal thing is to wear it the same length as the sequin dress. You can leave it open to show the shine of the sequins. But try that the tone of the coat does not clash much with that of the dress. Too much contrast would not look nice. If you want something sober and formal wear the same tone in both garments, although you will always highlight the dress more if you combine colors.

If you are looking for a more casual look, or you are going to wear the dress at the prom party with your friends, use a jacket or leather jacket or short leather. It will give you an informal but elegant point.

What shoes should you use
As for the shoes, you have different options depending on the look and the touch you want to give the outfit. You can wear the most beautiful heels, but absolutely no boots. Wear stilettos if you want an elegant look, or go to an important event. If you choose tight stockings, try to make the shoes closed especially pack some light shoes for when you are dancing.

The accessories
Since you might not know what accessories go with your dress, let the accessories be as simple and basic as possible as they are going to have the full prominence of the look. Do not overload yourself or your appearance will be too pretentious.

Outfit examples number 1

If your idea is to wear a sequined dress but informally, you have it very simple. Look for a beautiful dress. With V-cut, or neckline on the back and if possible light-colored. For example, the Silver and Nude Long Sleeve V Neck Embellished Short Dress 27205. A simple v-neck prom dress keeps the attention on the sparkling details.

And to give it that casual touch, combine it with booties or high boots, and a jacket or leather jacket. In this way, you will create a mixture of styles. You will break the elegance of the sequins with the rock touch of the coat.

And although the dress will remain the protagonist, the rest of the accessories will reduce the formality of the outfit.

Get this outfit:

– V Neck Embellished Short Dress
– High heels
– Leather jacket
– Watch
– Clutch

Outfit example number 2

Let’s go for something elegant and basic. A dark dress, if possible, with a straight cut, pure and fitted to highlight the figure with a Green Multi Sequin Key Hole Neck Short Dress 61892. This color and this shape will make you shine a little less since black is always much more discreet. But you will be equally elegant. When choosing shoes for this option, it is best to use a stiletto. Or if you prefer, some sandals with an elegant heel.

Here, and since everything has a more uniform and pure color, you can wear some more “ornate.” Look for colors that combine perfectly with the color of the dress and gives joy to the final look.

Get this outfit:
– Sequin Key Hole Neck Short Dress
– Coat
– Narrow-pointed heels

How to wear a sequin prom dress

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