How To Become Prom Queen

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Last updated 5 months ago.

If you want to be Prom Queen you cannot wear the typical dress, only a Jovani gown will surely guarantee you look like the real queen of the party. We have prepared for you the perfect guide with mayor tips on everything you need to know about prom. Including how to wear the prom dress depending on your type of body, the kind of hair that suits you, prom expenses and more.

We know that such a memorable occasion could be even better if you were crowned Prom Queen, maybe that’s just a dream you had since you were little, perhaps you never wanted to be, but if you have the following characteristics we are sure you can be a gorgeous prom queen of the year.

Get info from the prom court or be in it: The prom planning committee usually set the guidelines for how the voting is done, the amount of time for the campaign, among other factors. Having a friend from the inside or being inside it will undoubtedly help you out on how your campaign will help you gain an advantage.

Be gentle with everyone: All students are the ones who vote for prom queen, so if you are well known in your school for being nice, you have a better chance to be picked. Being gentle is sometimes harsh, especially in high school, we know some kinds can be kind and salse at the same time, so the best advice we can give you is to keep being the most genuine version of yourself, people notice especially after all those years.

Being attractive matters?: Looks do matter, we have always heard that looks don´t matter, that only what is on the inside is what counts. And many of us believe it to be true, but let´s not fool ourselves, when it comes to being the queen of the prom, when you are good-looking you have so much opportunity to be crowned. You don’t necessarily have to be very thin, but being attractive combined with your beautiful appearance is one hell of a formula.

The higher the grades the higher your beauty: Not only looks help you get crowned but what you should know is that your grades play a considerable role when being prom queen, first of all getting high grades help you gain respect among your classmates, and the voice inevitably spreads, and before you know it people will vote for you not only for your looks but for your academic performance as well.

Have a polite attitude: Sometimes maintaining a positive attitude can be difficult, but if you respect everyone in the same way the level of awareness and respect will considerably be at your favor.

Be confident: You shouldn’t let anyone decide how to be in order to achieve your goals, being yourself is the best approach for it, but there is nothing wrong if you want to improve your look without trying too much or too hard. It will be a relief to know that people vote for you because of your self-confidence, always remaining comfortable every place you go, have fun and relax, there is nothing to feel nervous about, it can be the final year to make it.

Run the Campaign: You cannot be prom queen if the kids don´t vote for you so, make posters, pick up catchy slogans, do activities including people, give out food, anything creative you can imagine to interact with the people of your school will definitely help you out, even spreading the voice among the halls saying to vote for you, also ask your friends to help you so you can find the most brilliant ideas.

As you prepare for your campaign for Prom Queen, it’s essential to also prepare for the night itself. Ensure you know exactly what to bring to Prom to avoid any mishaps and keep your focus on enjoying your night to the fullest.

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